The lost art of charm

While you may think that I am easy, maybe even slutty, you should be aware that it takes more than "wanna hook up with me" or "I can bring a girl with me who loves DP" to get my attention.  And while this may come as a big disappointment to men all over, I don't hop into the sack with every Joe Shmo that happens to be visiting Tampa, has tweeted me or read my blog.  Offering up a woman or sending me pics of your dick don't win you any awards either  (although I am happy to post those on The Penis Parade).  Quite frankly I don't and won't hop into bed with any of you.

The challenge of hooking up with any woman is figuring out her game.  Does she like to be chased?  Would she prefer to be the chaser?  Women in their early 20s love to be chased.  The game is catch me if you can. Even that wanna hook up with me line might work with this age group. So whether you are tweeting for sex or pimping yourself out on 97x for a threetta you probably won't be using charm to play that game.  Charm is not a necessity or prerequesite for those in their early 20s, but I'd venture to say it wouldn't be laughed at.

As women age the tide begins to change and she wants to chase you.  And if you are throwing yourself out there like a dog in heat you quite simply aren't getting anywhere.  In reality you are a huge turn off.  You better start figuring out what charm is.

As I approach my 40s (sniff sniff) I am constantly reminded by men exactly why I am still married after all these years (besides the fact that I love my husband).  Most of you guys out there have lost your charm.  This timeless art has fell through the cracks like a broken Twitter time line.  The translation of your act has turned sloppy and sad.  Charm is more than lame pick up lines and secret DM's for pictures of my breasts. A simple conversation, kiss on the cheek, and soft compliment are just some of the basics of charm that will win over many.  Even swingers need to exercise charm to land in bed with another couple. 

 The winners are those who know when to chase and when to sit back and let the chase happen. And they win because they know how to charm the pants right off another.

I'm sad that so many never learned the art of charm or have just forgotten how.  So if you are confused what makes up a charming individual or why you should even care, just forget it - you will never get it. 

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Dating and hooking up is a game. It's figuring out how to play and who to play with that either makes you winner or loser.  I have run across more than my fair share of winners and losers of the game over the years.  Often times I wonder when will guys figure it out? 

Although my actual one-on-one dating experience is quite limited (I've been married since I was literally a teenager) I have been approached, hit on, flirted with, and  propositioned more times than I care to count.  Are there winners and losers in a game with the already spoken for? Always.

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