The Men of Las Vegas male revue will work Tampa's poles

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While Tampa may be known for its strip clubs, the city offers surprisingly few venues for male strippers to strut their goods. Maybe that's why when a male revue does come to town, many women start frothing at the mouth like their tween daughters at a Justin Bieber concert. Sunday, August 15, the topless gentlemen's club, Penthouse, and the all nude Platinum Showgirls will open its stage to The Men of Las Vegas. The dancers will perform a Vegas-style show for women involving choreographed production numbers, individual acts, singing, comedy, and of course sculpted men dancing in g-strings. Before these men get down and dirty in Tampa, I got the lowdown about the production from the show's owner, Jerry Henderson.

Alfie: What’s the wildest thing you’ve seen happen onstage?

Jerry Henderson: A shit-faced drunk, 60-year-old grandmother, pulled out a pair of scissors and cut a dancer's g-string off. I had a nude male dancer on the center stage at a VFW in Tennessee and a 60-year-old grandma who wouldn’t let go of his package!

A: Do some performers use their job as a way to meet women?

JH: I have had performers who that was the only thing on their mind. They are the guys that end up in some small town five years later with a girl they met on the road, a couple of kids, and 40lbs overweight, asking if they can have a job!

A: What should women expect of The Men of Las Vegas performance at Penthouse? Will any be getting naked at the all nude Platinum Showgirls?

JH: A night of fun and fantasy with six sexy hunks that know how to move. The MOLV perform all around the world in many different types of venues, but we rarely perform at nude venues. However, three of our cast members have agreed to do the Full Monty at Platinum!

A: Why aren’t male strip clubs and male burlesque performances as popular as the female variety? Are women just not as visually stimulated as men?

JH: I believe that women are just as visually stimulated as men, but they want to see a show with a variety of fantasies played out by the performers; men just want to see female dancers take it off. It takes less effort to just strip as opposed to putting on a show. Our production must be choreographed and rehearsed. That's why there are a lot more places where a guy can see a female dancer just take it off, and also why we've had such success bringing our brand of entertainment to areas that don’t offer anything for the ladies!

A: What type of guy joins a male revue? Do you get a lot of entertainers with backgrounds in acting, singing, and dancing?

JH: I have been in the business for 20 years and the performers I hire are men who not only have a great body but must also get along easily with the customers and the cast. We have performers with background from the military, law school, acting, singing... you name it.

See the Men of Las Vegas live on Sunday Aug. 15 at Penthouse and Platinum Showgirls. For more info visit and

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