The Modern Virgin

I have never been in a serious relationship and I’ve never wanted to lose my virginity to a one-night stand - nor have I wanted to have sex with any of my gay bff’s. I’m also not particularly interested in having a relationship right now. I’m busy living and loving life, but there is one small problem with that. My virginity is getting in the way. I’m in college, the place to make bad decisions, drink too much and be a dirty little slut. What I am trying to say is my virginity is cock blocking me.

I have always had this crazy idea that whoever I had sex with I should be in love with or at the very least they should buy me dinner first. Yet every guy I meet seems unable to fulfill these requirements, or they run the moment I put out the v-word.

Although my "high standards" have left me without a broken heart they have also left me lots of lonely nights, lots of awkward situations, and with that pesky problem of being horny as fuck.

While being a virgin was admirable at 16, maybe even hopeful at 18, now approaching my 21st birthday all I want to do is lose it. I realize this may sound ridiculous and possibly even desperate, but this is my reality.

This blog is the start of my quest to lose my virginity before I'm 21, not to Mr. Right, but to Mr. Right Now. Through my adventures I’m going to keep writing as a kind of dirty online diary of the good, the bad and the ugly. Here’s too all the dirty details of my adventures for the next 80 days and to hopefully finding Mr. Right Now.


Let me introduce myself. I’m 20, a junior in college studying Mass Communication — oh and I happen to be a virgin. Virgin yes - prude not exactly. I am what I like to call the modern virgin; I love men, I love dick, I love giving and getting head, but I’ve never crossed that boundary.

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