The mouth/vagina connection

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What about women?  Even with the advent of the super padded push-up bra and, the booty pop most men may have a hard time sizing women's junk up.  In general it is true that men just like booty and boobs whether they have large assests or small.  Yet the vagina is another story.  Some men have a preference between the innie and outie vagina, large or small vagina.  Is it possible to size up a woman's vagina by just looking at her face?  I have determined that you can visual the pussy of a woman by looking at her mouth. 


Wide mouth:  If you see a woman with a wide mouth, when she smiles you can see almost all of her teeth she probably has a vagina the size of the Grand Canyon.  This type of woman will be hard to please, you might feel like you cock is lost in a black hole.  If you aren't sporting a dick like Ron Jeremy might want to just forget about satisfying sex with this woman!


Big lips:  The woman with large lips or a protruding mouth likely has an outie vagina.  Her pussy lips will be surrounding by the soft pink inner labia hanging out.  Other names for this type of vagina are Beef Curtains, Meat Hooks, Walnut, Bubble Gum - you get the idea.


Small lips/small mouth:  These women will have a small, innie vagina.  The type of vagina you imagine is part of a porn star.  Does this make her vagina better?  If you have a really big dick, you won't be able to fit it all in.  This chick will jump when you enter her and hold you back from properly fucking. 

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For years women have sized a man's penis up by checking out his hands or his feet.  Men with small feet have had to live with the notion that most women believe they have little dicks.  While I have found this to be true part of the time; it's just not always the case.  I have met men that were small in stature (which goes along with small feet) and had enormous dicks and men that were rather tall, wearing a size 11 shoe and sported just a an average cock.  Even still most women continue on with the notion that small man = small dick.

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