The Photoshop™ cop

Ken Kokotek mocked his superiors on the Internet. Now he's paying for it.

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"If we don't have people like Picasso or other people who are chastising the department and making people accountable for their [decisions], there will never be any changes and staff will be able to run amok," he says.

Michael Krohn, executive director of the Police Benevolent Association and Kokotek's attorney, doubts his certification will be revoked. An officer must have been untruthful or committed a crime for such an extreme action, he says.

"[Kokotek] didn't do any of these," Krohn says. "He just used his First Amendment rights."

Personally, Kokotek says he doesn't care if the FDLE revokes his certification; he doesn't want to go back into law enforcement anyway. But he is worried that this action could set a precedent for the officers still at SPPD.

"To me, it's a warning to everyone else out there: Don't criticize or we'll do the same thing to you as Kokotek," he says. "You'll never work as a police officer again."

Sensing he's become too serious, Kokotek reaches under his seat and pulls out a foot-tall doll of Mayor Baker. He's made one of Harmon, too, which he plans to auction on eBay.

"Picasso might be dead, but Rembrandt might not be," he laughs. "Or Salvador Dalí. That'd fit with this city."

Read how grew from a Tampa-based experiment to become an international phenomenon.

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