The president signed the DADT repeal — but one gay soldier says it's a little early to come out just yet

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“The thing to watch out for, and it is the reason why I will not be overly public yet, is because it may take months to implement the change in each branch of the service, maybe a year or longer,” he said. “The key to this discussion has been that the military wants to do this in the least disruptful way possible. Gays and lesbians coming out before the military is ready for it will only fuel the counter-argument to repeal, that this would have an effect on our readiness and good order and discipline.”

The story goes on to say that the officer's superiors knew of his past DADT activism, and still allowed him to serve. He also talks about the toll of waiting for Obama and the Democrats to make good on campaign promises.

And don't miss the video excerpt (also embedded below), a confrontation between Barney Frank and a conservative "journalist" about the horror of gay and straight soldiers showering together. "We don't get ourselves drycleaned," Frank says, pointing out that gay and straight men have been showering together — in gyms, in the military, hey, even in the House of Representatives — for a long time.

First, the accomplishment must be honored: Even though the LGBT community has rightly hounded the Obama administration for not acting more swiftly on promised reforms, the fact that the president was able to bring DADT to repeal in the last moments of a lame-duck Congress is inarguably a huge achievement, and long, long overdue.

But just as an earlier post on CLGBT conveyed the injustice and insanity of the policy from the point of view of a soldier headed to Afghanistan, this piece from the Minnesota Independent reminds us, also from a soldier's point of view, that gays in the military will not be rushing out of the closet anytime soon. There's still that 60-day implementation period to deal with, and the forces of ignorance are not ready to surrender yet.

The Minnesota Army reserve officer tells the Independent,

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