The Rickshaw

To begin, the man lies back in the edge of an elevated surface, such as a chair or a bed with his legs in the air and an erect member. The woman then backs in towards the man as he lies in this position and offers him her luscious backside. Pushing his member at the appropriate angle they can achieve penetration in this position. While grabbing his feet for support, the woman then rides her man, bouncing her buttocks against his.On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate position (1 as horrible, 10 as sexual nirvana)?

This odd little number gets a 6.5.

Did you have difficulty getting into the position?

There is actually not much difficulty achieving penetration as you might think... sustaining it, is but a whole other ball of wax however!

Did you feel like a pretzel? Were you able to do the motions once in position?

I didn't feel like a pretzel... but I certainly felt a bit effeminate. The motions are simple, but if she gets to bouncing too high, the penis which is already bent in an unnatural position has a nasty habit of slipping out. She'll probably end up doing more grinding than bouncing in the end.

Any recommendations on getting either in or out of this position

Shouldn't need it!

How long did you last in the position?

I'd say five minutes.

Enjoyment once you were in position (for the woman):

She said that it wasn't bad... but nor was it good, hence the 6.5!

Enjoyment once you were in position (for the man):

The basic idea sounds good to the imagination, but once you are all curled up holding your penis forward so it wont fall out of her, it all kind of loses its appeal, ya know?

Short Answers:

Was the position comfortable? Were you able to relax?

Man: In essence it was a very comfortable position physically, but mentally very uncomfortable.

Woman: Yes, she was both comfortable and relaxed.

Would you consider this to be an intimate position (Why or why not)?

In consideration that you would probably not want your poker buddies to walk in on you while in this particular position, I would say it is very intimate. Add in a video camera and I would dare say that you better trust your partner a hell of a lot. Beyond this, there is not much connection between partners...

Are you achy or sore after the fact?

Man: Machismo was slightly damaged the next day.

Woman: No.

What did the position feel like (both mentally and physically) in 50 words or less? As the guy, your view in partially blocked by your own rear end, which is a big “bum”-her... punt intended. You can't move all that much, which means the girl will be doing most of the banging. This is probably one of the only heterosexual positions that allows the woman to actually bang her mans ass, while engaging in normal intercourse! For this reason, some guys may find this a bit uncomfortable.

Did she reach orgasm? …No

Did he reach orgasm? ...No

Did it take longer than usual to reach orgasm? N/A

Would you do this position again (why or why not)?

No... this position was definitely not for me. It wasn't much of a turn-on. I must admit that I sometimes don't mind being dominated by the woman, but this position certainly felt like a crime against nature.

Any suggestions to make the position more pleasurable: Once again, this isn't my cup of tea, but for the guys who are turned on by having their anus, or muscle in between their anus and scrotum massaged during sex, this position puts those areas into easy reach for the woman. Different “strokes” for different folks!

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