The Rock Report (in 140 characters or less): Katy Perry at Jannus Landing

@autopsy4: CL meeting turned into Wordpress 101. *sigh* Oh Well, Katy Perry bound. Watch for live tweets.

@autopsy4: Sounds like I got here b4 she started. Hope I have time 2 get a drink.

@autopsy4: She better hit the stage soon or 1/2 the crowd will have to go to bed.

@autopsy4: Advantages of a prepubescent crowd: short lines at the bar. and it feels less crowded than it is.

@autopsy4: The shrill would indicate SHOWTIME.

@autopsy4: First outfit. Troublingly devoid of cleavage.

@autopsy4: There is a whole band up there. I figured she was electronic. Pleasant surprise.

@autopsy4: - iPhone pic

@autopsy4: They're literally doing the hokey pokey on stage. Huh?

@autopsy4: The crowd loves this one. You're hot and your cold? Big hit!

@autopsy4: Honesty. She's a pretty good performer. I could stand for a costume change though.

@autopsy4: You're so gay. And the crowd goes ballistic. I think the 10 y.o. Beside me just had her first orgasm.

@autopsy4: Katy: "any players in the house?" Little boy on his dads shoulders raises hand...

@autopsy4: - This boy

@autopsy4: I dunno about studio but live. They're a 2 guitar, drummer, bass & singer rock band. Surprising but I think I said that.

@autopsy4: Rocking the 80s cover, "I don't wanna lose yr love 2night". Kicking it's ass too.

@autopsy4: My hopes of seeing a scantily clad Katy are vanishing but the show is managing to keep me engaged.

@autopsy4: I may have types too soon. Katy has left the stage!

@autopsy4: Pink and black cat suit. Now we're talking!

@autopsy4: Playing I kissed a girl. There must not be an encore.

@autopsy4: That's all folks. Way better than I expected.

One of the most common questions I got throughout the show was what in the fuck I was doing there. Well, when I saw she was coming I thought it looked like a fun show. I spend so much time at shows full of bearded kids drinking PBR and screaming the words to every song that I thought an irreverent, silly pop show might be a nice change of pace. In that respect, I was dead on. Furthermore, while I didn't really know any of the songs very well and she didn't change costume nearly as many times as I'd hoped (I dunno why, but costume changes are a big part of a pop show in my mind's eye), it was honestly an entertaining show. I even found myself smiling and genuinely clapping at one point. And the kids there, they fucking loved it! So, I gotta deem the show a complete success and if I were offered a free ticket to her next show I would go again.

The live tweets on the other hand ... I dunno. I think what I got turned out good enough, but the side-effect of all the twittering was that I saw as much of my iPhone screen as I did the show. That's fine for Katy Perry, an artist I'm not really a fan of, but that would never work for, say, Lucero or Two Cow or Jason Isbell (playing Tampa on May 6). While I'd like to think there is a happy medium, I'm not so sure. Less tweets = less story, but more tweets = less drunken show watching. For now I am gonna try it again, probably at the Jason Isbell show, and see how that turns out.

So. Yeah. Katy Perry = Good Times. Micro-Live Blogging = Undecided.

Katy Perry - Mannequin (live)

Katy Perry - Hot 'N' Cold (Yelle Remix)

Video-snippet of "I Kissed A Girl" from the show:

For the last few months I've been thinking about ways I could utilize my twitter account to capture my immediate feelings about things before they have the ability to be filtered and clouded by time and/or sobriety. Then along came the Katy Perry show and I decided I wanted to go, not because I am a fan of her music (though I know her two hits), but because I thought it would be a fun show. More on that later. Somewhere along the timeline from finding out I had a press pass for the show to actually getting to the show, I decided it would be the perfect candidate for testing the "live blogging via twitter" idea out at the show. Here are those tweets:

Tweets, Review & Video after the jump

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