DIY Slip 'n' Slide

A homemade slip 'n' slide is fun in itself — you slip, you slide, you slip 'n' slide again. But throw in some rules and you've got yourself a party!

Equipment: It's relatively easy to make — all you need is a large sheet of clear plastic, a container of dish soap (it provides the most slipperiness) and an empty stretch of grass, preferably one with a downhill slope (good luck finding one), and a garden hose that's hooked up to a spigot.

Preparation: Squeeze a healthy amount of soap on the plastic sheet, turn on the water and position the hose so that the stream is running in the direction of your dive.


• The Basic Slide Race: A group of two or more people take turns sliding; each slide is timed, and the fastest slider claims victory. Or you can all slide at once, and see who reaches the finish line first.

• Slide 'n' Run: Two people start on a count of three. One runs across the Slip 'n' Slide, the other dives and slides.

• Slip 'n' Slide Pickle: Two people position themselves at each end of the plastic sheet with a ball. A group of two or more stands in the middle. The throwers try to tag the people in the middle with the ball (much like a rundown on the base paths). The last person to get tagged wins. No throwing the ball at contestants; only tagging. This game is best done without a slope.

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