The sexicographer, LaNette Robinson, on her Sex-tionary

A Q & A with LaNette Robinson on her self-published collection of sex terms and street slang: Sex-tionary

An email interview with LaNette Robinson on her self-published collection of sex terms and street slang: Sex-tionary.

Why did you put a picture of yourself on the cover of your sex-tionary?

I put a picture of me on the cover because a picture paints a thousand words. It's sexy, men love to look at sexy and pretty things and ladies love to be looked at. Putting a picture on the cover will get both sexes to want to open and see what is inside.

On the back cover, you describe sex as a gift from God. If God were to write a blurb endorsing this book, what do you think God would write?

Oh that is so funny. I think he would say, "Now that you have been turning your sex life up, I'm turning it down. I'm putting you guys on a weekend fast from SEX for 3 days and while you are fasting your assignment is to read the book SEX-tionary. When the 3 days are over go back to your SEX lives and report to me on how much better it was after reading this book. That is your homework".

Why are many of the words out of alphabetical order?

You want me to be honest. I wasn't thinking about doing that. I just really wanted to make sure they fell under the right letter. This way you can use the book for games, bridal and bachelor parties, a fun time with the guys and the girls. Or just fun reading to make you laugh when you are alone.

What words from your dictionary would you use to describe yourself?

The word LOVE from my book describes me. Because I'm every woman. It's all in me. If you look in the L words you will see the word LaNette which means REAL LOVE.

What words from the sex-tionary do you like to incorporate into your sex life?

Well, I'm single so as of now I don't have a sex life. Any prospects? Send them my way. The words that I have been using on people from my book are PEPPERMINT STICK, RED LOBSTER, ABRAHAMS BOSOM, and CHICKEN HEAD. I throw them around in my everyday talk to have fun with people.

What did writing this book teach you about sex?

Writing this book taught me that SEX and the word Sex is still touchy with some people. Some people are still shy when it comes to talking about it. Many are very under the cover when discussing it. Shame, shame, shame.

Which words did you invent?

The number one word I invented for this book was LaNette. Then followed Adorn and Fish Market.

How or where did you collect most of the words?

Most of my data was collected from educators, the homes, gas stations, age range from 20- 59, and anyone I met when I had my survey book with me.

How did writing this book fit into your career goals of becoming a writer and actress?

I was teaching during the time and bored because my dreams were not fulfilled. So I wanted a quick fix or way to get out so I pondered on what subject would get people's attention fast if I wrote a book. SEX came to mind. I threw a survey book around and SEX-tionary was born.

As far as it helping me as an actress goes, the more DRAMA to my name, the better. I have been hired for a new talk show that will be released in April in Miami called, THE HAMPTONS. My book will be showed and mention on the 1st episode. SEX SELLS. Amen.

PS: I also have been promoting my book at the MAGIC CITY MOVIE screening. This movie will be released later this year in theaters. I play an addict mom to the lead girls. Guest stars include Keith David, Jamie Hector from the HBO/WIRE and Jennifer Lewis. I have been confirmed to be a guest this Friday night on LA TALK LIVE. What an honor and for sure I will be mentioning my book.

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