The tramp stamps of a predatory teacher: Stephanie Ragusa goes to trial in Tampa

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cheeky smile for her mug shot. [image-1]The third and final time she was arrested while leaving one of her teenage lover's houses. One of the boy’s accusations were corroborated by the tattoos and tramp stamp he correctly identify on her "groin region." If the case against her wasn't strong enough, text messages were released in which she writes to one of the boys, "I loved today. The sex was amazing." The boy promptly replied, “YES I KNOW!" Then, as if to confirm her celebrity prisoner status, and love for younger men, she wrote a sympathetic letter to 17-year-old Nick Hogan while he sat in jail.

Although I'm no longer an impressionable minor wishing a hot female teacher would take advantage of me---well, I'm at least not a minor---I encourage Ragusa to write me to explain her situation and divulge her secret for appearing so happy even under the most stressful of circumstances, like say, being arrested multiple times for sex with minors. Unlike Nick Hogan, I promise to respond with photos of me completing algebra problems. [image-2]

Undoubtedly a double standard exists in which male teachers or priests or any men who have sex with minors are generally consider sicko predators while their female counterparts, especially the attractive ones, are more often just thought of as odd. Perhaps this has to do with the fact that males are traditionally considered the pursuers and aggressors in a sexual relationship. When despicable measures are employed to manipulate or outright force a person into having sex, it's usually the men who drug, overpower, or abuse their authority to this end. Women are generally the selectors; they only have to say yes in order to have sex with men of their choosing. Little persuasion is required.

[image-3]Most guys I know had trouble enough figuring out how to hold a girl's hand in middle school, let alone how to seduce the teacher. And yet every guy I know fantasized about having sex with at least one of the younger teachers at his school. Hell, even Tiger Woods slept with two porn-stars featured in a adult film series titled, My First Sex Teacher. There is a general attitude that men have to take sex where they can get it while attractive and willing women have their pick of most men in any given setting. Based on this assumption, men can't help but wonder why then women like Ragusa would choose to have sex with immature and inexperienced partners. Does she get off on domination? Does she want partners she can teach and train? Seriously Ragusa, we really just need to clear this up---why sleep with minors?

Jury selection begins today for Stephanie Ragusa, a former Hillsborough County middle school teacher who faces several counts of lewd and lascivious battery and felony sex with minors.

Ragusa, 30, taught math at Davidsen Middle School before she was jailed in April 2008. In March of that same year, a 15-year-old student claimed he had a relationship with Ragusa when he was 14. Then a 16-year-old student came forward with a similar story.

It's almost becoming a cliche for a relatively attractive, female  public-school teacher to get caught having sex with her students. However, Ragusa separated herself from the pack of pedophiles and made a splash in the national news for her odd behavior—-odd beyond the sex with minors part. Each of the three times she was arrested between March and April of 2008, she offered a

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