The Waterfall

Name of Kama Sutra Position:  The Waterfall

Getting into the position: The man sits on the bed, chair, fruit bin at your local food store, or whatever catches your fancy; the woman then sits astride him. Leaning her body back, the woman then rests her head on something soft, like a cushion, while the man then takes control and begins to thrust and caress to his heart’s desire.

On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate position (1 as horrible, 10 as sexual nirvana)?  We have another 9 here folks, perk up those ears, yoni’s and slabs of man meat!

Did you have difficulty getting into the position?  Getting into position is actually not hard at all as long as the woman has some amount of flexibility.

Did you feel like a pretzel?  Were you able to do the motions once in position?  Nobody likes a soggy pretzel, so this has nothing to do with the waterfall. However, it is a bit difficult to figure out a good momentum without giving your partner rug burns all over her head and one heck of a nasty “bird’s-nest” hairdo.

Any recommendations on getting either in or out of this position:  none really.

How long did you last in the position?  20 minutes

Enjoyment once you were in position (for the woman):  Yes

Enjoyment once you were in position (for the man):  Yes

Short Answers:

Was the position comfortable?  Were you able to relax?

Man:  Right up there with my favorite recliner

Woman:  Not real comfortable, but the G-spot helps to take away some of those blues!

Would you consider this to be an intimate position (Why or why not)?  I don’t think that I would exactly call it intimate, but it is definitely passionate. And where there’s passion, it’s possible to drop a few ounces of intimacy as well. You can’t always be intimate; otherwise we would all be soft, spongy wimps!

Are you achy or sore after the fact?

Man:  No

Woman:  No

What did the position feel like (both mentally and physically) in 50 words or less?  Like having your cake, eating it and then screwing it too! It’s basic meat and potatoes. The angle reaches her G-spot perfectly, so you won’t be getting any complaints from your member below. It’s the basic missionary, but you can concentrate on all the good stuff without the torso and head getting in the way.

Did she reach orgasm?  I wouldn’t have liked it so much if I didn’t…

Did he reach orgasm?  She reached a rather “big” orgasm

Did it take longer than usual to reach orgasm?  Nope, this one was right on schedule

Would you do this position again (why or why not)?  I would absolutely love to do the waterfall again and thanks to some careful planning and a real fluffy goose down pillow, I will be! The real draw to this position is its ultimate change in view, the slight fear factor involved and the joy of making all the funny faces you want without anybody seeing, except perhaps those three chipmunks, video camera and neighbor’s binoculars!

Any suggestions to make the position more pleasurable: Use the cushion—use that cushion!  Or else coming from a guy who knows, you may never get to do the waterfall again… and trust me, you will definitely be missing out!

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