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The Anus[image-1]

Why does anal sex feel so good? Anal sex is pleasurable for both participants because the anus has the same kinds of nerves as the penis and the clit. In homosexual male couples, the prostate gland is stimulated, which is one of the best pleasures that a man can experience. The tightness of the sphincter muscles around the penis make it pleasurable for the giver. For women, the rectum shares the same wall as the vagina. Also, the sexual nerves are closer in the anus, which can intensify the orgasms and other sensations.  My orgasms are stronger with anal sex. But, let me caution you, always use condoms and lots of lubrication.

Can the anus lose elasticity with too much anal sex? Personally, the anus is like the vagina. The vagina can stretch up to 9 plus inches. I have had two vaginal births.  I exercise every day to keep my vagina tight.  The anus can stretch up to about 6 inches.  I love anal sex and participate in it on a regular basis. As a result, I like to exercise my anus. My husband is gentle and he moves slowly with the aid of lots of lubrication.  Yes the anus can lose some elasticity, which is why you should exercise the muscles. However, it's a myth that you'll lose control of your bowels if you have anal sex. I have not noticed any loss of bowel control in over 10 years.

Object Insertion.  It is wise to only insert items into the anus that should be inserted:  penis, butt plugs, and anal toys with a base.  Because the anus is so deep, objects can easily get lodged inside, resulting in an embarrassing trip to the emergency room.

The Vagina: The pubococcygeus (love muscle) stretches from the pubic bone to the coccyx (tail bone), forming the pelvic floor and supporting all of the pelvic organs: vagina, uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. It controls urine flow and contracts during orgasm. It aids in urinary control and helps with positioning a baby's head during childbirth. Before a woman has sex or children, this muscle causes the vagina to naturally have a suction effect that keeps the vagina very tight. The more this muscle is used, the stronger it gets. Usually with age, and after vaginal childbirth, this muscle becomes a little worn. This is why it is important to keep exercising it.

Kegel exercises for your anus and vagina: Kegel exercises can be done anytime, anywhere. I usually exercise my love muscle for at least 5 minutes a day. I squeeze tightly for about 5 seconds then release, then repeat. When I first started my exercises, I found the best way to practice was to stop and start my urine flow. While there's Kegel exercise equipment online, it's easier to incorporate these exercises into your normal routine: when in traffic, watching TV, or walking.

Exercising with a partner: Here's a scenario I use with my husband. I set a stop watch for 15mins. Next I manually stimulate his penis and balls with my hand for about 2 minutes. Then I proceed to perform penilingus (sucking and licking his penis and balls) while simultaneously doing Kegel exercises, contracting and releasing my vaginal and anal muscles with the sucking motion of my mouth. I do this for about a minute, or until he's on the verge of orgasm. While he's sitting up, I straddle him. I insert his penis about 1/3 of the way into my vagina and squeeze for about 2 seconds before releasing for about 2 seconds. I do this for 3 reps, gradually working my vagina all the way down onto his penis. I repeat this process until the alarm goes off.  This same exercise can be preformed anally as well.  If done anally please please, please use lots of water based lubricants like ky-jelly.  Once the timer goes off then we proceed to have regular unregulated sex. I usually try to involve him in my Kegel exercise at least 2 or 3 times per month. It’s good to keep your spouse involved so that he/or she doesn’t feel left out.

Our loves holes lose elasticity with age, usage, and childbirth, which is unfortunate because the tightness of the anus and vagina contribute to sexual pleasure for both men and women. This is why it's necessary to exercise these muscles daily.

While I was in nursing school, one of my instructors continually made negative commits about anal sex and how it destroyed the body. To give you an idea of how ignorant she was, when a gay student pointed out that not all gay men participated in anal sex she said, "Yeah right!"  I eventually dropped that class. She was either homophobic or just trying to justify why she wouldn’t let her husband do her in the ass. She was probably one of those uptight people who didn’t like sex anyway.  

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