TIGLFF Opening Night Film Review: Violet Tendencies starring Mindy (Facts of Life) Cohn

Unfortunately, Cohn is stranded in a movie that's ultimately kind of tiresome. Actor/screenwriter Jesse Archer adds some spice as a dedicated slut who’s fallen in love despite himself, but the rest of the characters are either so unbelievable or so woodenly portrayed, and the unfolding of the plot so tediously predictable, that you’ll find yourself wishing for a fast-forward button long before it’s over.


The boys are cute, though. There’s that.

The quirky appeal and sharp comic timing of Facts of Life alum Mindy Cohn is the best thing about Violet Tendencies, the opening-night attraction in this year's Tampa International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. Cohn plays Violet, who at 40 describes herself as the  “oldest living fag hag." Violet fears that all the time she spends with gay men has prevented her from finding true love with the possibly mythical “fag stag” — a straight man as entertaining as she is.

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