Top 11 ways to prevent erectile dysfunction

overweight can lead to heart attacks, it can also cause ED---to say nothing of the fact that being morbidly obese significantly reduces your ability to find someone willing to have sex with you. Being overweight can also cause nerve damage to your penis.

3. Maintain low cholesterol and blood pressure: Both of these add extra stress to your blood vessels. Unfortunately, blood pressure drugs can also make it difficult to have an erection, though doctors believe much of the blame that falls on these drugs is actually due to damage caused by hypertension/high blood pressure.

4. Avoid a lifetime of whiskey-dick:  Years of heavy drinking can lead to liver damage and nerve damage, which can both cause ED.

5. Exercise: If your body is limp and gelatinous, there's a good chance your penis will remain this way as well. All forms of aerobic exercise help prevent ED, unless that aerobic activity includes being repeatedly pounded in your junk.  Also, be cautious about any activity that puts excessive pressure on your perineum (the taint between your balls and asshole) like bicycling. If you do bike often, make sure your bike fits you properly, wear padded cycling pants, stand up frequently while pedaling, and invest in a "No-nose" bike seat.

6. Kegels don't prevent ED: While Kegel exercises (contracting your pelvis muscles) may help prevent incontinence, no evidence suggests that contracting these muscles prevents ED.

7. Make sure your testosterone is flowing: After 50, testosterone levels often decline sharply. This can lead to problems like low libido, crankiness, lack of stamina, trouble making decisions, and ED, all of which will make it harder for you to get laid.

8. Don't be a juice-head: Even though this may seem counter-intuitive after the last suggestion, steroids can shrink your balls and cause your body to stop producing its own testosterone.

9. Quit puffing on that fag: Just as cigarettes dramatically increase your risk of heart disease, they also lead to ED. Smoking harms your blood vessels and reduces blood flow to your extremities, including your penis. Nicotine can contract blood flow, putting a choke hold on you penis.

10. Keep her from body slamming your dick: Believe it or not, your dick isn't made of titanium and it can't perform every gymnastic task you ask of it. Many cases of ED stem from injuries inflicted during sex. A common way this happens is when the woman is on top performing a reckless version of cowgirl, your penis slips out, and she delivers a crushing blow to your manhood. Be careful. Avoid sleeping with women who are significantly larger than yourself or who don't show proper respect when it comes to the safety of your penis. While she may only be using your penis for the night, you have to work with it for the rest of your life.

11. Relax: Stress boosts adrenaline levels, which contracts your blood vessels. As a result, long term stress can weaken your blood vessels and cause many of the problems previously mentioned.

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Between 15 and 25 percent of 65-year-old men suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED). Like many of the medical problems that come with age, your chances of developing ED can be drastically reduced through proper lifestyle choices. Below are the top 11 tips for maintaining the structural integrity of your hard-on as recommended by WebMD.

1. Don't eat crap: A diet that increases your risk of heart disease also damages your ability to have an erection. A diet low in fruits and vegetables, but high in fat, can lead to cholesterol clogging your blood vessels, which impedes the blood flow to your penis. ED is extremely uncommon for men who eat Mediterranean diets: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats like nuts and olive oil, fish, and wine.

2. Don't get chubby: Just as being


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