Transcending gender with adult vixen, TS Foxxy

The transsexual porn star on her boobs, her straight fans, the stigma against ts stars, and how she maintains a feminine physique.

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TS Foxxy's childhood was surprisingly normal for a girl born in a boy's body. In junior high she would race home from school to an empty house where she would dress in her mother's clothes and pretend to be Whitney Houston. After meeting a few trans women in high school, Foxxy made her talents public, performing in drag shows around Tucson, Ariz. Eventually Foxxy's mother, who worked at Planned Parenthood, realized what was going on. Instead of shunning her child, Foxxy's mother helped her gain access to estrogen supplements.

To take advantage of her new feminine body, and to show off her moves, Foxxy worked as go-go dancer in Las Vegas for four years. Then, when the 2005 AVN Awards Show was in town, an adult director asked if she was interested in doing some nude modeling. This quickly transitioned into a career in the adult industry. Along with shooting hardcore sex scenes, Foxxy has also appeared in the reality series, Gigolos, and the independent film, American Hoe.

After getting breast implants, did you do what any guy would, and just stay home for a week playing with them?  

Ha ha ha. Well I wish it felt good the week I got them but I couldn't even move my arms or sneeze due to the swollen, stretched skin, and sore muscles. I didn't really touch them until two weeks later when I had my follow up visit with my surgeon and he said to massage them and squeeze them 3-4 times a day. Even then they were a little sore. Also, I was afraid of ripping out the stitches. That was the only playtime I had with my boobs for months. I didn't really get to enjoy them until the first guy touched them. Then it felt enjoyable!

What is more difficult being accepted at a mainstream club as just another woman, or being accepted at a mainstream porn convention/awards show like the AVNs or Exxxotica as just another porn performer?

I do recall years ago when I first moved to Las Vegas, and I didn't look as good or feminine as I do now — no breast implants either — we went to these mega clubs and were discriminated against for looking female but having the "M" on our I.D.'s under sex. Some doormen would avoid us, tell others on their headsets about us, or tell us we couldn't get in because we were out of dress code for males. It wasn't the clubs themselves, but the bouncer upfront checking I.D. We had to pray he didn't care or notice anything but our birth dates. So, I would say it's more difficult being accepted in a mainstream club.

You were on a television reality series called Gigolos and in a film called American Hoe. Is it safe to assume you’ve done some escorting in Nevada? If so, can you describe an average encounter?

Well it's safe as long as you stay safe, especially in Las Vegas. Not so much Nevada because it is legal outside of Clark County (so they say). An average encounter usually starts with meeting for drinks or dinner ... I prefer dinner because I don't drink that often anymore and I would rather be aware of what's going on and not be tipsy and lose myself. Dinner leads to many different types of fun ... Everyone is different and has their own fantasy of how they want their experience to be. I kind of go with the flow but I do have my limits. Regardless of the amount of money, there are things I refuse and many guys I refuse.

I’ve read that heterosexual men are the primary viewers of transsexual porn as “straight” men are mesmerized by both bigbreasts and big dicks. In a way, transsexuals offer an optical illusion that contains the best elements of both sexes. However, “straight” men also seem like the least likely people to publicly admit such a preference. Do “straight” men make up the majority of your consumer base? Are these the same fans who show up at your signings and feature dance performances?

Well not all men like big dicks on transsexuals because most straighter men don't want to be scared or intimidated by a penis bigger then his, unless of course it's a guy who is more open sexually and loves the penis more then the girl parts. I know cock hungry men and I know more masculine men, that don't even bother touching or tasting the penis, who admire the femininity and beauty of the girl. Yes the majority of the men I have encountered are bisexual, straight, both single and married, or have girlfriends, but it's never a gay man who loves transsexuals sexually. They love men. I know a few gay guys in the adult film industry do films with transsexuals as a bottom or sub but more for the work and money. Not because they love it. A lot of men who like us don't have the nerve to come out in public to meet or be around a TS event because they are afraid to be seen. But, there are a handful of men who are comfy with their sexuality and do love meeting their favorite girl. They go to clubs, bars, and events to hang out with TSs.

Many adult companies are hesitant to use crossover performers who have done transsexual or “gay” porn. Onedocumentary claimed that as many as 60 percent of gay porn performers are HIV positive. Do you think the fears many mainstream preforms and producers have in working with crossover stars is justified?

Sadly we get the bad end of both the straight and gay industry. Gay audiences hate when gay performers (bisexual/straighter) are known to like transsexuals or film with transsexuals. The straight industry hates on those few men who are known to like transsexuals and/or film with them as well. Those people are mostly ignorant hypocrites who judge others in a sex industry where we are all doing the same things—sex on camera!

Sadly, almost all of the gay industry doesn't require a mandatory full panel STD test as long as they are using condoms. This is scary because some HIV negative guys can be filming with an HIV positive guy and may not even know it. I also hear many in the straight industry are always catching common STDs and a few serious ones but they act like it's normal. They don't make a big deal about it unless it's a serious outbreak like the recent syphilis outbreak. I'm happy to say the TS companies I shoot for all require a mandatory full panel STD test. I do want to thank those major companies that make all the performers they hire, test and work with other tested performers. And kudos to those who participate in the free speech coalition program. Safety and health starts with the individual in their off camera/personal lives, so play safe!

Your mother managed a Planned Parenthood clinic when you were growing up. Did she have any concerns or advice about STDs when you started shooting porn?

Well it would be silly of me not to know anything about the body, reproductive system, babies, STDs, and puberty growing up and spending everyday after school in the the clinic ... I must have read every pamphlet and book in the place. I saw many movies and looked through microscopes at all kinds of crazy things. My mom was very open with us and gave us condoms (as if I wasn't already taking them from her work and passing them around school thinking I was cool). She educated us to the best of her ability.

This March you were partying in Las Vegas with Jenna Jameson and her transgendered assistant Britney Markham just before Jameson was accused of allegedly beating Markham with the ornamental brass knuckles on her iPhone case. Do you have any insight that might help clear up or explain that whole situation?

Britney is a really good friend. She was known for being wild, crazy and feisty when drinking, but I have seen her change and mature. During the time we hung out in Vegas, she was very well kept together and only had 1-2 drinks the night we went out. She knew her purpose was to be there for Jenna. She was always there for Jenna from the time she woke up to the time she put Jenna to bed. However, I don't know what really happened because I wasn't there and try not to get involved in other peoples business.

Do you have any interest in having genital reconstruction surgery?

I have thought about it but it's not a big concern at the moment. I'm comfy with who I am and being different. I still like my penis even though it gets in the way at certain times lol.

What’s the secret to maintaining a curvy, feminine physique without getting too muscular like a man?

Any nice, fit toned body starts with a really healthy balanced diet. Exercise is second. Girls think by using weights that they are going to get big muscles and look manly but it's not true. I love working out and I love muscle tone. I use weights between 3-10 lbs depending on exercise for upper body and it keeps my arms slim and toned. I get many compliments from other ladies on my arms. Other fit men love it. Of course I do cardio to burn calories and build endurance. Transsexuals have to realize that our estrogen intake causes weight gain, hunger pains, crazy cravings, and we retain lots of water. So, if you don't do some type of exercise then most likely you will gain weight fast unless you're lucky enough to have great genes or a small frame.

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