Unforseeable Future

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Just like massage therapists or chiropractors, psychics could organize to create a legitimate profession. Students could learn communication skills, principles of psychology and the art of compassionate listening, for starters. And most important: screening out their own biases and agendas so as not to impose them on others.

"I have turned around so many negative predictions made by irresponsible psychics for people," Angela says. "I have had negative predictions made for me by irresponsible psychics. It's hard to shake that kind of thing off, even when you know about it. And people will give a reader the power to help them or hurt them. Readers have to be careful how we use that power."

Don't think the test of a good psychic is that she tells chapter and verse, however. Too much advance knowledge is counterproductive. For humankind, knowing everything that's going to happen isn't, well, in the cards.

Angela: "If we knew everything that was going to happen, we'd never develop our characters."

Freelance writer Andrea Brunais lives in Bradenton.

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