Vicki Chase's mouth writes checks her ass cashes

The Latina porn star on her Gumby tattoo, "pony sex," depositing stacks of ones, and why she might change her name to Vicki Wells Fargo.

click to enlarge Vicki Chase's mouth writes checks her ass cashes - @VickiChase
Vicki Chase's mouth writes checks her ass cashes

Vicki Chase is accustomed to handling huge loads of dirty money with a smile. As a former bank teller in LA, she was the front woman for the legal money laundering institution, Washington Mutual (which later became Chase). One customer who caught her attention was male porn actor and producer, Eric John. After months of asking, John convinced Vicki to accompany him to a porn shoot. For Vicki, the experience was liberating. Soon she left the confines of the oppressive bank, and her restricting office wear, to start making stacks of dirty money herself. She took Chase as her stage name in honor of her fortuitous encounter with John, who she married at the AVN Expo in 2010. While the relationship ended, Chase's affair with porn is just starting to heat up. I caught up with the Latina performer at Exxxotica, Ft. Lauderdale, where I grilled her about the etiquette of depositing hundreds of dollars in crumpled ones, who her porn star "doppelbanger" is, and why she has a "pony sex" fantasy.

Chase Bank recently canceled hundreds of porn stars' accounts, seemingly because the financial institution does not condone their profession. Considering that you took your stage name from Chase, do you wish you could change it now?

In a way. Why did they have to be so uncool to our industry? What makes our money bad? What we're doing is legal. It’s a shame.

I take it you didn’t have a bank account with them?

No I didn’t. I had a personal one, but I’m closing it. Wells Fargo is much cooler. I opened my business account with them not too long ago because I knew Chase wasn’t going to be good. I knew they would close my account eventually.

Have you considered changing your name to Vicki Wells Fargo?

Vicki Wells isn’t bad, especially considering that I’m known for deep throating and massive amounts of saliva.

click to enlarge Vicki Chase's mouth writes checks her ass cashes - @VickiChase
Vicki Chase's mouth writes checks her ass cashes

Was your first outing with Eric John to Exxxotica LA?

No it was actually a porn shoot. He invited me to Erotica back when I was a bank teller. I was like, “Yeah, I can’t do it.” He invited me out a few other times, but I was too busy. Eventually I ran out of excuses. I went to his studio. We got acquainted. I saw his work and we became friends. The rest is history. But when he brought me to my first porn set, I was like, “Wow, not everyone here has fake boobs and is blonde. Maybe I could give it a shot since I’m so sexual.”

Why the Gumby tattoo on your ankle?

It’s just one of those stupid tattoos you get when you're 18.

Did you just go into a tattoo shop and pick something off the wall?

I went in and was like, "What the hell do I get?" I had a key chain of Gumby. I thought, “Oh, I love Gumby.”

What was his pony’s name, “Pokey.” Why not Pokey?

Well, I figured other people get to poke me.

click to enlarge Vicki Chase's mouth writes checks her ass cashes -
Vicki Chase's mouth writes checks her ass cashes

Strangely enough, that segues into my next question. I’ve read two interviews in which you express a curiosity about having “pony sex” (sex with a guy dressed as a horse). How did you not get involved in 
Tasha Reign’s "Pony Tales," where the models wear ass-plug ponytails and fuck magical horse-men?

That was a parody of My Little Pony. My vision is more S&M style. I came across a book called Pony Sex. It made it look so sexy. I like the fetish look. More of the real look.

Real look in the sense you want to fuck a guy in a furry horse suit or a guy in leather with a horse head?

Leather with a horse head.

A unicorn head?

No, a horse head.

Does he have an ass-plug tail?

Yes. He's like a stallion. Tall and bulky. Ready to be serviced by me.

How have you not made this happen yet considering your profession?

There's talk of me doing my very own movie, V for Vicki. I would totally have that scene in there.

click to enlarge Vicki Chase's mouth writes checks her ass cashes - @VickiChase
Vicki Chase's mouth writes checks her ass cashes

Speaking of things you haven’t done yet, why do you not have a pay website cataloging your extensive body of work?

It takes a lot of work to constantly do scenes for a pay site. I don’t want to do that. I do webcam shows for all my hardcore fans that I keep in contact with through email and Twitter. I do Skype shows for them. I do verified call. It works. It’s a good time to be a porn star.

Your Twitter account says, "NO PRIVATES." Is that a reference to escorting?

Yes. I constantly get asked if I escort.

How bad do you think escorting is in the industry now with more models competing for fewer shoots?

I mean, I think it’s a problem for me, just because it is too much. It crosses a line of security. I’m not hating on the girls who do. If that's their thing, and they feel comfortable, all I ask is that they be safe, because we are a tight community and we all want to remain STD free. That’s my only concern with escorting: STDs and strangers.

As a former bank teller, did you ever have customers who came in with stacks of ones? What did you assume about them?

Haha. Strippers.

Are you now the girl going to the bank with stacks of ones?

Yeah. Haha.

Do you just wink at the teller or do you go through the drive thru?

I tried the drive thru but it takes forever. The automated machine kept spitting out my ones.

What’s the most ones you’ve deposited at once?

Probably $600. A nice little stack.

Do you think the tellers are quick to use hand sanitizer after handling your deposits?

They should. I always did.

Did working at a bank teach you anything about managing your money as a porn star?

I know how to count it well. No, unfortunately I don’t invest, but it’s not too late for me. I’m going to get on that.

Do you ever get mistaken for another porn star?

I do. I get mistaken for Jayden Lee.

click to enlarge Vicki Chase's mouth writes checks her ass cashes -
Vicki Chase's mouth writes checks her ass cashes

Don’t you guys have a blowjob scene together?

We do. We have a blowjob scene for Jonni Darko in Sloppy Head 5. We also did an anal play scene for New Sensations. So yeah, we’ve worked together and we’re good friends. She’s my sister from another mother. People are always like, “I have to do a double take every time I see her because I always think it’s you.” She’s half Asian. I’m not Asian at all but I always get that.

Have you begun feature dancing?

Yes. I’m doing the feature circuit a lot more now. I’m doing a duo show in October in San Francisco. I did one last March. It was really successful and I can’t wait to do more, to get out in the cities and meet my fans everywhere. To put on a show and take more ones to the bank.

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