Voting Guide 2016: Dear gay Trump voter…

I hear your reasons. They just don't scan.

Dear gay Trump voter,

It was fun seeing you again at that high school reunion a while ago and discovering that you, like myself (and several of our classmates), are gay.

Then I discovered on Facebook that you’re a big fan of Donald Trump.

You point out that the Clinton Foundation took money from Saudi Arabia, whose government represses gays. It’s true — $10 million is the reported figure. But at least the foundation’s money is doing some good — like helping to make HIV drugs more accessible to 11.5 million people.

The money the Saudis have given Donald Trump — like the millions they’ve paid him for apartments in Trump World Tower — went right into his pocket. And what about Trump’s enthusiasm for Vladimir Putin, whose country’s law against “homosexual propaganda” has fostered a surge in anti-gay violence?

You also like Trump’s call for a ban on Muslim immigration — because, in your view, ISIS and the Muslim religion are interchangeable, intent on beheading gays and throwing us off roofs. Setting aside that massive generalization, it’s true that many Islamic cultures condemn homosexuality. America’s religious right does, too, sending its minions to Africa to promote anti-gay legislation.

Ya think Trump would commit to a ban on itinerant homophobic evangelists?

Then there’s the Pulse Nightclub shooter Omar Mateen, brought up often in defense of the immigration ban. Mateen was born in Hyde Park, New York. Muslim, yes. Immigrant? No. No more than any of the home-grown shooters and bombers and bashers who have targeted gays for so long.

Finally, there’s the notion that Trump was for the gays before Clinton was. Yes, back before he turned Republican. But here’s what he says and does now.

He refuses to accept marriage equality, promises to appoint Supreme Court judges who would try to reverse that decision, and selected a running mate whose record on LGBT issues is abysmal.

And whatever Trump’s personal views, his candidacy has stirred up a hornet’s nest of neo-Nazis and alt-right flamethrowers who are not our friends.

He doesn’t seem to mind associating with them. Do you?

Regards, David

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