We have a winner?! Election night in Seminole Heights

It's a little after 10pm in Seminole Heights/Sulphur Springs, one block from the Corner Club. We've got s'mores, beer, a fire, a cat named "Killer B" and hope. Lots of hope. MSNBC is on the tele and WMNF is on the radio. MSNBC is talking about the "grey states".  WTF? Are the aliens from The X-Files winning in those states? Luke Russert is pinch commentating for his dad (we miss you Tim!). The folks here are quite comfortable with the way things are currently going. People are talking amongst themselves by the fire, a few of us are watching the 'tube, someone won't get off their iPhone...

We've got a mixed group here... some Jobsite Theatre, some Dali Museum, some Humaine Society, a lawyer, some construction, some real estate; all Democrats. Good times. More beer and more s'more fixings just arrived. What could go wrong? Obama is at about 205 Electoral Votes...

More to come when when we have a winner!

UPDATE: 11:03pm

NBC just called it for Obama! Someone across the street just ran out of their house yelling "Obama! Obama! Obama!" Is it true? did it finally happen? Are we at the dawn of a new era? We are all still in disbelief after the last two elections.

UPDATE: 11:35pm

The McCain concession speech was gracious, we are awaiting the Obama victory speech from Grant Park in Chicago where an estimated 500,000 have gathered on this historic night.


I'm crying. I cry when I watch "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner". I cry when I go to Sonic Youth and Mike Watt shows. Some people tonight have said that this has nothing to with race, but it does. It has everything to do with race. It shows that maybe, just maybe that one day this will have nothing to do with race. It's the first big step we've taken in a very long time. Hopefully, it's the first of many big steps.

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