We taste like what we eat: a review of a dietary supplement for flavored sexual secretions

leave a bitter taste in her mouth. BOP is designed to make giving oral sex as pleasant as possible so your partner will be eager to perform the act again. Just as no one will want to kiss you again if your breath reeks of garlic, onions, or anchovies, your partner won't want to go down on you if your fluids are funky. BOP is also designed to give users more confidence in their body odor so they can relax and not worry how they taste when a partner is performing oral sex on them.

[image-1]To sweeten your sexual secretions, BOP contains artificial pineapple, banana, and vanilla flavors, along with real cinnamon and ginger spices in seed oils that aid absorption. While these fruits have been widely reported to enhance the taste of semen, I've yet to read anything that comments on the effects of artificial flavors. If these work as well as fruits, one wonders if eating fruit candies would do the same job as these supplements.

In the name of research, a female companion and I tested BOP.  Immediately, the biggest problem was trying to time sexual encounters. The product is said to begin working within an hour and reaches prime performance in two hours. Unless you're the type of couple who has sex on a schedule, or you have a faithful booty-call, or you're dealing with a professional, it may be hard to plan exactly when you'll be receiving oral sex. It took us three tries to get the timing right.

While we've both been with partners who had funky tasting fluids, neither of us have complained about this problem with each other. With that said, neither of us noticed much of a boost in each others' flavor. We each described the taste as being like water—-a lack of a taste. This isn't to say the product doesn't work, or didn't help. It may have neutralized odorous agents and it may be more effective on those with more offensive fluids.[image-2] If timing your sexual encounters is difficult, the product also claims to work if taken once daily.

Personally, I think BOP would work best if paired with other sexual supplements. Those male enhancing Extenze energy drinks could be fused with BOP. Or the pills could be mixed into popular late night drinks like Red Bull.

If you can't afford the $29.99 price tag, here are a few dietary tips for better tasting body fluids.

Avoid drugs: Alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, and the chemicals in heavily processed foods are toxins that poison your body chemistry.

Drink plenty of water: Water flushes out bad toxins as does diuretics like parsley, celery, and wheatgrass.

Eat fruit: Fruits high in natural sugars counteract the bitter or salty taste of semen. Pineapple in particular is widely touted as the powerhouse for better tasting semen. Other effective fruits include papaya, cranberry, melons, mango, apples, and grapes.

Avoid certain vegetables: Garlic, onions, cabbage, asparagus, broccoli, and cauliflower.

Avoid red meat and dairy: These are both notorious for producing an overly salty taste.

A diet geared toward producing better tasting semen will also make you healthier overall. This is no coincidence. A healthy diet promotes a healthy body chemistry, which in turn leads to better tasting semen.

For more info or to order Bop visit bop.com

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I've started buying Arnold Palmer's half & half tea/lemonade by the gallon because it's freaking delicious. Unfortunately it also makes my urine smell like the alley behind a rock club. While I don't really care how my urine smells, I'm paranoid the tea will taint various other bodily secretions, leaving a less than desirable taste in a girlfriend's mouth after oral sex. There are dietary guidelines for producing premium tasting sexual secretions, but like any diet, the rules are often a pain and exclude some of your favorite foods. As is the American way, a chemical shortcut has been developed. Lifestyle Nutrition has produced the dietary supplement BOP to enhance the taste of your sexual secretions.

Oral sex is one of the easiest, non-mechanized ways, for women to climax. For men it's an effective means of birth control. However, a repeat sex partner is going to be more and more reluctant to go down on you if you

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