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Oh, Hells yeah. If you're like me, getting some free time to comparison shop is a lot like finding porn in a rectory: It's there; you just gotta look really hard. DealTime not only offers a wide variety of consumer goodies from electronic gizmos to books to toys (oh, the Lego shopping was long and bountiful) but it also finds some mega-sweet bargains. This place is the schiznick; even if you're unsure what you're looking for, Dealtime will direct you through like a high-price call girl with a senator's virgin son — gently with a big bang at the end. The interactive buying guides not only narrow down the choices; they give comparative pricing with direct links to sites where you can purchase the damn things. For example, having only a vague notion of getting a digital camera, I clicked on Allan Thomas, Sales Expert for Digital Cameras (OK, it's a picture of a guy and they said that was his name. It's a personal touch, it's cheese, and I liked it). After a few harmless and invigorating multiple choice questions, up popped a short list of cameras that were exactly what I wanted without all the hassle of actually (God forbid) having to deal with a human being. Finally, while I didn't use it the customer support section, it was indeed large and pretty thorough. There was even a phone number in case you feel the need to yell at a real person and not just your screen. Quick tip, though — your screen doesn't get offended when you call it a sack of unloved goat placenta.

—Patrick J. Graney

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