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Too Square


You've probably seen the magazine version of this site around town. Hell, you might have even given it a cursory glance. After all, it's local, free, independent and published monthly. No, it is not the Planet (we're weekly, stupid); it's Too Square magazine, and here be its Web site. TooSquare.com covers Tampa's counter culture ... wait, that's what we do. Uh ... covers the counter, counter culture. That's not right, either; wouldn't counter-counter culture be a yuppie? Screw it. They cater to freaks of nature like you, me and the punk rock kids who piss off the 80-year-old guys at the mall. And they seem to have a knack for defying editorial classification.

Not to say they don't have one. I'm sure that somewhere, possibly hidden beneath a stack of erotic photography and show fliers, the Too Square Mission Statement exists. But damned if I could find one online, so I can only assume it's something like, "Fuck it, let's just put some quality shit up and not worry about labels."

Seems to be working. The magazine just celebrated its first year anniversary and the site gets tons of hits daily. Most of the content is editorial/rant based, but some "hard news" feature copy filters through (most notably an article on the Japanese tattoo artists currently visiting Atomic Tattoos in Largo). TooSquare.com is also visually biased — there are some really good photographs and a couple of bizarre web comics (they make you laugh in that, "I'm gonna back out of the room now" kinda way). Add in lots of show reviews, end of the world scenarios, fiction stories, interviews with B movie stars, the requisite Web Cam Girl of the Week, and a decent upcoming events calendar and you've pretty much got the idea. Oh — and Too Square is currently open to submissions from writers, photographers and models, so if you're looking for a shot in the wide world of journalism, be sure to check the FAQ and get the guidelines. And brush your teeth after every meal. Editors hate bad breath.

—Patrick J. Graney

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