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Kill Pop Up Ads!

If you're an AOL user, do not read this. Go check out the music listing or something. Thanks. They all gone? Good, because anyone who uses AOL deserves all the annoyances the Web can throw at them. For the rest of us, I'm stepping out of my usual role of "how weird a site can I discover" to try and help you out. Yeah, that's right, I'm a helper. And I'm gonna help you get rid of the dreaded pop-up ad. In days of yore you never really had to worry about them unless you were perusing porn sites. It was the price you paid for being a lonely, lonely man. Hug your monitor now. Thank you. But eventually some ignoble sheep humper came up with the idea that every site should have the blasted things. Lemme tell ya, man can only own so many X-10 cameras. The folks at Technoerotica agree, and have placed a page o' links that will allow you to disable some of the more prolific pop-ups. Before you go freaking out and screaming about how unsafe it is to download things, there could be a virus, blah, blah, blah, allow me to inform you of my policy regarding ... well, pretty much everything: Don't be a whiney bitch. Suck it up and deal. That being said, you don't have to download anything. All you do is click the link and a cookie is placed in your cache that disables certain pop-ups. Mind you, you're disabling a pop-up ad by placing a cookie in your machine, so maybe they're tracking you. But you can always get rid of all cookies by cleaning out your cache every now and then. Unless you like to keep your "trigger finger" sharp by manually closing all those windows. Geek.
—Patrick J. Graney

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