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Smelly Poop


The Internet is filled with lots of useful, thought-provoking sites, healthy, God-fearing ones, even ones that might make you a better person. But where's the fun in that? So instead of visiting one of those spots, head on over to smellypoop.com, where the electrons are dedicated (at least partially) to your favorite bodily substance and mine: poop. Here is where you can go to get great information about not only crap, but farts as well. Besides definitions of the various types of bowel movements and gaseous emanations (including a thesaurus), there's also a Q&A section answering poignant questions, like why certain animals eat their dreck and why shit smells like, well, shit (besides the fact that it is shit). It's like school, only without the pesky teacher. Oh, but that's not all. Share the joy that comes from your bottom by sending e-mail postcards from the gallery section, including pictures of animal butt nuggets and toilets filled to various levels. And for those who like to raise the bar (lid?) a little, for a nominal fee, a box full of dookie from a critter of your choice (ranging from a bird all the way to a camel) will be mailed to that special someone. Hell, you can even have Homo Sapiens excrement sent (but you could just plop in a box yourself for that one). C'mon, don't lie; doesn't it give your loins a tingle to be able to send, completely anonymously, a mud bunny to that person at the top of your shit list? Buy one yourself and have your very own Mr. Hanky! So wipe your ass and head on over to smellypoop.com, where the courtesy flush isn't just the law, it's the right thing to do.

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