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I'm no stranger to the world of pornography. I grew up in the Tampa Bay area, where there's a strip club every few blocks. We bought our high school friends lap-dances at the Mons for their 18th birthdays. I went to a speech given by Larry Flynt. I was even — briefly — a member of a club (Porn N' Chicken) that some of my friends started in college, where they got together once a week to watch porn and eat fried food. They once tried to make a porn film on campus, and got the attention of The New York Times. (Bastards made a mint selling the movie rights to their story.)

But despite my copious exposure to adult entertainment, I'm not as big a fan as one might expect. Really, I just watch it for the music. Ah, those hard-working porn-soundtrack makers. Their mission in life is to make sure you aren't distracted by squeaking springs and vulgar grunts. If only someone appreciated this enough to make the music available for my daily listening pleasure.

Enter FluffertraX.com, an Internet radio station that plays all porn music, all the time. And, though you might find this a limited genre, you'd be surprised at the variety to be found on the show. I've heard everything from Barry White to George Clinton to some French chick moaning orgasmically over a techno beat. They even have many selections from the Sex and the City soundtrack (apparently their definition of 'porn" includes Sunday night sitcoms). But let's not split hairs. There's enough of the standard, '70's-style, Boogie Nights wokka-wokka guitar riffs to keep the most stringent porn purist happy.

If the station isn't enough to satisfy your porn-music cravings, you can read up on all the new porn CDs available on the Reviews page or even meet some like-minded folks on the porn-music Chat page. Use it to set the mood for a romantic interlude. Listen to it at the gym, while you work your way into a sexy, porno-worthy body.

Let the stations around here play musical chairs with their programs and crappy pop songs at all other times. God bless Internet radio. Bow-chica-bow-bow ...

—Diana 'Star 69" Peterfreund

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