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Creepy Siteshttp://www.creepysites.com

If you want to be a little bit freaked out, Creepysites.com is your Internet one-stop shopping point. Click right up and cruise the bargain basement of odd content from mindsets best described as "slightly disconcerting." OK, maybe "downright wiggy" is a better colloquialism. Not deranged hacked-up body pieces kinda creepy (well, you can get that too, but I try to avoid mass mutilation; tends to put me off dinner) but more along the lines of, "Yo, people have some serious isshies going on here." For example, to see a story of how badly a relationship can end, especially if one member becomes unhinged, Crazy-bitch.com is the place to be. Feel the love as CrazyGrandpa.com has a less than doting child pitilessly mocking her geriatric elder (sensing a trend here?). Of course, a couple of these sites might be hoaxes, parodies or people having a go. Take My Son Peter; according to the site, Peter is dead, but he still visits dad. And why not, right? What's a little haunting in the family? Or get a lesson in stalker chic from For the love of Julie. If that bad boy is real, then I really am creeped out. Are people actually this screwed up, or are they having a good old time messing with our sensibilities? On that note, I'm assuming the designers didn't do it on purpose, but the way the site is laid out you cannot see all the links (at least I couldn't on my screen). For PC users, simply hit the F11 key to get a full view of linky goodness, and then again to put your screen back to normal mode. For all you Mac users just, uh ... well, resize your screen somehow (damned if I know how to work those puppies).

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