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Remember when you were a kid and your parents used to make you go to creepy puppet shows? No? Good, me either so I can skip the stroll down memory lane and just tell you about Wireframe. This site is "an Experiment in inverse and forward kinetics," which is just a big worded way of saying, "toy involving a marionette type program devised to entertain me." Seriously, if this doesn't keep you occupied for at least 10 minutes you need to increase your dosage of Ritalin, Sparky. Yeah, yeah, I'm sure it serves an educational purpose for physics-type people who would like to see examples of kinetics on the human body. I'm willing to concede it may be a boon to artists who'd like to see how our limbs can/would/should flail madly about in certain circumstances. But really, it's all about the id, know what I'm saying people? No? Read a book. Anyway, after you get past the "Hey if you move this like this, watch the guy fly across the screen" coolness aspect, take a second to mess with the "Walk" setting. There you will see, in electron-enhanced symmetry, how you and I are supposed to walk, but it's a lot more fun to change the settings and make the fucker dance. Hell, click the "Duo" button and attempt to re-create a circa 1980s breakdancing street battle. I failed miserably, but you might be able to make something as cool as Breakin' 2: Electric Bugaloo, only completely different! Dance, you flesh deprived animation, dance! And the best part: It's free! Check out Wireframe and be amazed at the interactive animation available on the Net at no cost to you.
—Patrick J. Graney

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