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Web SiteZe's Pagehttp://home.earthlink.net/~zefrank/

Sometimes you have to ask, What's the friggen point? And that, my fellow mouse potatoes, is where we stand today. Ze's page is either a personal homepage or one damn fine online resume of a certain fellow named (I'm assuming) Ze. And it simply kicks so much ass it probably kicks its own ass and doesn't realize it. Check out Your Mama, where you can set a series of inflections to a face then watch it perform. No, I mean it — you program this face with various moves (roll eyes, move mouth, etc.) and then it does the appropriate action. Or how about Meine Keine Draw Toy, which you truly have to play with to understand the depths of genius. After you cruising around this well-designed site, spouting adjectives like interesting, cool and holy shit (OK, not an adjective, but appropriate), pop Men without Hats in the CD drive, because it's time to get your swerve on! The best part if this site is under the Invite link — dance lessons, complete with explanations so you can figure out if you have the John Travolta-like prowess to pull them off. Greenhorns should stick steps like Basic twirl or Hanging out ... casual before attempting the Fred Astaire type moves such as Elaine ripped me off or Who's your daddy. Fortunately, videos are provided so you can witness the steps done to perfection. Ze is a dancing machine. Fear his mighty boogie beat. Is this site a time waster? Your boss may think so, but Ze's page will make you sit back and say, How the hell did he do that? That's awesome! while laughing posterior sections of your anatomy off. What's the point? Who cares? And in the immortal words of the great prophet Chris Rock, Ain't nothin' wrong with that.

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