I promise I was watching the Super Bowl very closely. I was watching every tackle, every failed attempt by the Raiders to make a two-point conversion and every interception by Dexter Jackson. I was also watching the commercials — specifically, the movie trailers. And the fact that I had no idea there was an Incredible Hulk movie coming out should get me bitch-slapped right out of the comic-book club. How did I miss this?Clearly, I need a spoiler site.

Interesting project, The Hulk. It's directed by Crouching Tiger's Ang Lee, who was also responsible for the moody, 1970s-theme Ice Storm, as well as the properly British adaptation of Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility — the one where Kate Winslet was regrettably and uniquely not naked. The project seems to prove that Lee's got every genre under control now that he's gone for the big-budget superhero movie. And, dude! It has Jennifer Connelly in it! Glad to see she's getting back to her Rocketeer roots after that whole wife-of-a-madman Oscar thing.

How did I find this out, you ask? Well, might have shown me the light if I'd known what I was looking for. But for updates on films that the snooty database dismisses with "in production," we clearly must turn to Coming Attractions. This award-winning site deserves all the praise it can get. From delivering spoilers, rumors and casting info from all the trade papers it can get its grubby hands on, to reviewing films even the brave Lance Goldenberg wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole (Darkness Falls, anyone?), Coming Attractions has it all. The exhaustive (and exhausting) site updates regularly and removes the sometimes-daunting entries on the date of the North American release.

So if you want all the rumors about backstage antics on the set of the next two Matrix movies, you'd better check out this place before May. You can search for films by genre or stage of development (Rumored, Development Hell, Greenlighted, In the Can), and find out every lovely bit of info you ever wanted to know about upcoming movies. And a few things you don't. Someone tell me George Lucas isn't really going to call Episode Three Circle of the Force. Pretty please?

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