Week in review: The public, the panther and possibly the gulf getting drilled by politicians

4. Criminally indicted former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich wants Obama to testify at his Chicago political corruption trial. If it happens the media hype from it just might deflect the spotlight off of the possible VAT tax, dismal unemployment and other impending tax increases. I wonder if they allow teleprompters in the court room?

5. The Pimpin Commish is in the news again. You know you missed him.

6. Hillsborough County is suing this resident for building a damn to keep water off of his property. Government officials willingly continue to hand over HDR millions (who designed cracking reservoir) but then sue a successful local dam builder? Maybe we should be employing him instead?

7. Well connected developers, greedy politicians, and spineless wildlife officials have pushed the Florida Panther to the brink of extinction. Which species will be next? Let's start with greedy politicians and vote yes on Florida Hometown Democracy (Amendment 4)  in November.

8. And finally, from the No-duh dept: This government assessment just out admits that the Health Care Reform is really going to increase our debt not decrease it as promised. Now, about that VAT tax.

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1. Senator Mike Haridopolos had this commentary in the Trib this week promoting drilling for oil off Florida's coasts (which experts say won't add up to any real savings at the pump, this recent report shows saving 3 cents a gallon by 2030) but it would most certainly spoil our environment. Haridopolos thinks they can drill safely. In related news, this oil rig in New Orleans blew up and then sank this week after burning for nearly a day.  Being from a coastal area, Merritt Island, you think he would have a clue about the environment or even tourism but maybe he spends too much time in Tally cooking up this shit. BTW, this is the same Haridopolos that endorsed local County Commissioner Jim Norman who is running for a state senate seat for those of you keeping track. Recall Obama is now open to drilling and so is Charlie Crist. Good to see some things are non partisan........like flip flopping and selling out our environment.

2. Chairman Ken Hagan had this commentary in the Tribune on Earth Day about making a commitment to Mother Earth. Same Ken Hagan that tried to demolish the wetland's division of the Environmental Protection Commission (EPC). Same Ken Hagan that voted to approve massive amounts of sprawl that developers are now trying to stick taxpayers with even more of the bill for and same Ken Hagan that tried to sell over 12,000 acres of publicly owned undeveloped land to Republican donors (who wanted to subdivide it). I don't think Mother Earth needs those kinds of commitments. The piece was on the county's "energy from waste program." Judging by the waste that comes out of County Center. we should be able to power the whole country!

3. Governor Crist is starting to waffle on that I AM RUNNING AS A REPUBLICAN promise. And he didn't endorse the stimulus package either. I wonder what Governor Pants on Fire will do?


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