Weird green video film festival

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"In My Prius"

"Eco Boy"

's Green site is hosting a Weird Green Film Festival, showcasing the craziest, funniest, most interesting (to say the least) green-related short films. You can go on their site to vote for your favorites or get creative and submit your own.

You want to do good. You really do. You want to feel like you’re making a difference. Everywhere you turn you see evidence of climate change and the 6th mass extinction and you can’t handle it anymore. You want everyone to know about what is happening, and you are shocked that more people aren’t paying attention.

And then it hits you, if only people were laughing about climate change, then more people would get involved. It’s like when they teach you if you are attacked never yell “Rape” because people will run away, but if you yell, “Fire” then people will come towards you. So you decide that you want to make people laugh about climate change. So you make a video. Because you want people to laugh. Only problem is, in some of these cases, we aren’t laughing with you, and in some of these cases I’m not sure we’re laughing as much as smirking. But gosh darnit, you did it. And so today, we honor you. The makers of weird green videos.

Check out my favorite weird green films after the jump:

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