What is it about the taste of my cherry chapstick that makes girls like me?

And while expressions of attraction are usually carried out after a strong buzz has been achieved, it’s not always as simple as that. Yes, there have been girls who randomly approach me in a bar and tell me I’m pretty and ask me if I would want to kiss them, but I have also had great friends confess their affection for me. While I find this flattering, and entertain it, and appreciate it for the self-esteem boost it is, it throws me for a complete loop.

“It's not what, good girls do / Not how they should behave / My head gets so confused / Hard to obey…”

I mean, the stories I could tell.

I have gone from having casual drinks with a friend to actually being made to feel like prey before – by twenty-something women – and not a single one was a lesbian. Besides one Bi girl and a swinger, all (and I’m not going to say how many, but more than handful) live the straight life.

And I do not really know why it repeatedly happens. Do I make them comfortable? Is it something I’m doing? I am a naturally accepting and open person, so I feel the comfort thing might have some merit.

I just cannot help being fascinated, does this happen to other girls? How many of us are secretly checking out, or are being checked out by, our friends or other females? Either way, from my encounters with female lips I think girls wanting to kiss other girls is just a part of human nature that society makes us think is a taboo, but as Katy Perry says, “Us girls we are so magical / Soft skin, red lips, so kissable / Hard to resist so touchable / Too good to deny it / Ain't no big deal, it's innocent”

“It felt so wrong / It felt so right / Don't mean I'm in love tonight/ I kissed a girl and I liked it / I liked it …”

Girls like me.

I mean, they like me, like me.

It’s an awkward thing to admit, and you have to understand, I’m not a conceited person. I don’t actually think all girls like me, but I have been hit on by so many of my lipgloss wearing amigas that one day it just occurred to me - chicks kinda dig me.

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