What the frack is going on? Fracking 101 (video)

In a nutshell: The process of extracting natural gas from the deep under the ground by fracking is harmful to people because it allows toxic chemicals to leech into drinking water, causing health problems and it means the water can ignite into flames. It also harms the environment as the process creates ground level ozone (a dangerous greenhouse gas) and has been linked to causing earthquakes. But watch the video to get the full gist of it.

After watching, my guess is you'll be scratching your head, asking, "Who the frack approves this stuff?!"

To read more on the dangers of fracking, see the website for the environmental film, Gas Land.


In case you're not hip with the natural gas drilling jive and haven't a clue what all of this talk of "fracking" (a.k.a.: "hydraulic fracturing", and not to be confused with "frakking") is all about, students from NYU's Studio 20 have created this easy-to-understand music video to give you the 411.

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