When asked about raising the minimum wage, Congressman Bill Young tells questioner to "Get a job."

Kovanis asks Young about what is being called The ?Catching Up To 1968 Act of 2012," that was introduced last month by Congressional Democrats Jesse Jackson Jr. of Illinois, John Conyers of Michigan and Dennis Kucinich from Ohio. It would move the minimum wage up from it's current $7.25 an hour to $10 an hour, requiring annual increases tied to inflation.

On the campaign trail four years ago, President Obama advocated raising the minimum wage up to $9.50 an hour in 2011 if elected. Obviously that's a campaign promise that hasn't been fulfilled.

In the Republican led House the proposal to raise the minimum wage would seemingly have a difficult time to pass, seeing to it that most businesses oppose such an increase. So the fact that Congressman Young doesn't support the bill shouldn't be a surprise. But will let you decide whether his admonition to Kovanis to "get a job" is appropriate to say to somebody inquiring about a legitimate piece of legislation.

FCAN'S Kelly Benjamin writes in to say that Pepe Kovanis is a constituent of Young's and a small business owner. He says that while he "was active with Occupy tampa once, he has not been for quite some time.")

The Florida Consumer Action Network (FCAN) aren't exactly big supporters of Pinellas County Congressman Bill Young. Lately they've held demonstrations with members in his district who have castigated the long-time Representative for not being responsive to their concerns, or even to agreeing to ever meet with them.

Being a conservative Republican, obviously there's a fair share of the electorate in what has been Florida's 10th Congressional District who take odds with his various stances over the 42 years he'd held office. They're called Democrats, though as we reported last month, a fair share of them have dropped their party ID at the voting booth when voting for congress in Pinellas, giving him bipartisan support against his various challengers over the years, most recently Charlie Justice in 2010.

Yesterday Congressman Young was on Treasure Island for a special dedication for a new Freedom Mural. In a video taped by FCAN, watch the Congressman deal with a question from Pepe Kovanis, who has been active with Occupy Tampa.

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