Which cities and states have the largest average penis size?

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These custom sizes “range in length from 3 to 10 inches and from super slim to extra roomy," says Chris Filkins, Condomania’s Directory of Technology.

While this customer research may be reasonably accurate, I'm skeptical of any system of penis measurement that relies on self reporting. Also, the men who seek out custom condoms are probably more likely to have a penis that doesn't fit into an average drugstore condom. This means that a disproportionately large amount of under and oversized penises would be reported. If nothing else, the results are at least amusing, and this customer research may also indicate which states and cities contain the greatest proportion of liars.

Highlights from Condomania's costumer research:

• Top ranking state by average penis size: New Hampshire

• Lowest ranking state by average penis size: Wyoming

• Top ranking U.S. city by average penis Size: New Orleans

• Second highest ranking city: Washington, D.C.

• Lowest ranking city: Dallas/Ft. Worth

• Blue states vs red states: blue states' average penis size is bigger!

• The smallest penises are less than 3" in length while the largest are Longer than 10".

• Penis sizes chart almost a perfect bell curve: 25% of men are under 5" long, 50% are between 5" and 6", and 25% are longer than 6".

20 Cities Ordered by Penis Size

1. New Orleans

2. Washington DC

3. San Diego

4. New York City

5. Phoenix

6. Portland

7. Atlanta

8. San Francisco

9. Chicago

10. St. Louis

11. Seattle

12. Miami

13. Indianapolis

14. Columbus

15. Boston

16. Denver

17. Los Angeles

18. Detroit

19. Philadelphia

20. Dallas/Ft. Worth

50 States Ordered by Penis Size

1. New Hampshire, 2. Oregon, 3. New York, 4. Indiana, 5. Arizona, 6. Hawaii, 7. Louisiana, 8. Massachusetts, 9. Alabama, 10. Washington, 11. New Mexico, 12. California, 13. Arkansas, 14. Nevada, 15. Virginia, 16. Tennessee, 17. Illinois, 18. Oklahoma, 19. South Dakota, 20. Georgia, 21. Pennsylvania, 22. Mississippi, 23. Michigan, 24. Florida, 25. Rhode Island, 26. Kansas, 27. Maryland, 28. Minnesota, 29. Vermont, 30. Connecticut, 31. Wisconsin, 32. New Jersey, 33. North Dakota, 34. Idaho, 35. Texas, 36. Missouri, 37. Montana, 38. Ohio, 39. Nebraska, 40. Colorado, 41. Maine, 42. North Carolina, 43. Delaware, 44. South Carolina, 45. Kentucky, 46. West Virginia, 47. Alaska, 48. Iowa, 49. Utah, 50. Wyoming

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The online condom retailer, Condomania, released a list of the top ranking U.S. states and the 20 top cities in terms of penis size. These statistics are based on customer research that includes the self-reported measurements of over 27,000 men.

In 1948 Kinsey conducted a similar survey that included 2,500 men who recorded their erect penis size on a card. Condomania's research is based on their "FitKit" measuring system. Customers measure the length and girth of their erection, then match these results with one of the 76 custom condom sizes.

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