Which US cities have the most sex: the top 20 list

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. For the full list check out the October issue of Men's Health.

1.Austin, TX

2. Dallas, TX

3. Columbus, OH

4. Durham, NC

5. Denver, CO

6. Indianapolis, TN

7. Arlington, TX

8. Oklahoma City, OK

9. Bakersfield, CA

10. Houston, TX

11. Lubbock, TX

12. Fort Worth, TX

13. Charlotte, NC

14. Fresno, CA

15. San Antonio, TX

16. Richmond, VA

17. Anchorage, AK

18. Nashville, TN

19. Memphis, TN

20. Kansas City, MO

51. Jacksonville, FL

71. Orlando, FL

83. Tampa, FL

88. Miami, FL

95. St. Petersburg FL

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Texas cities usually appear at the top of lists for America's fattest cities or worst public schools. However, when it comes to sex, the lone star state also leads the nation. And despite all the bikinis and hotel rooms, Florida cities all rank in the bottom half of the top 100 cities for sex.

Each year Men's Health ranks which American cities have the most sex per capita. As this isn't a scientific study, their methods are questionable, but still interesting. This years ranking is based on condom sales, birth rates, STI rates, and sex toy sales on Pure Romance and Babeland.com. While there's no flawless way to estimate sex rates, the magazine left out a few important factors: birth control sales, morning after pill sales, abortion rates, divorce rates based on infidelity, prostitution rates, hotels offering hourly rates, use of dating sites, rate of couples who live together, and percentage of married couples. The same issue of Men's Health also states that it's a known fact that married couples have more sex than singles, and yet the ranking methods don't account for this group; monogamous couples generally favor birth control over condoms and have a lower rate of STI infections. In general, the list is biased toward casual sex, but then again, casual sex rates aren't such a bad thing to know about American cities.

Below is a ranking of the top 20 cities for sex and the ranking of Florida cities

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