Why women 27 to 45 have a higher sex drive

engage in sexual intercourse, and report actually engaging in sexual intercourse more frequently than women of other age groups.”

These women are also more likely to have sex after knowing a potential mate for one month, one week, or one night. Even when the number of children these women had or wanted was factored in, the results remained the same. Researchers believe females evolved this involuntary desire as a way of capitalizing on their fertility before menopause. This increased sex drive may also give these cougars a way of staying competitive with younger rivals.

Researchers admit that these women could simply have more sexual experience and be more comfortable with their sexuality. However, this doesn't explain why menopausal women experience a decrease in their libidos.

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A new study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences discovered that women’s sex drive hits its prime between 27 and 45. Scientists believe this is an involuntary reaction to declining fertility.

In the study 827 women filled out an online survey regarding their sexual desires and activities. These women were then grouped into three categories: 18-26 (high fertility), 27-45 (reduced fertility), and 45 plus (menopausal and post-menopausal).

Researchers found that the women 27-45,  “think more about sex, have more frequent and intense sexual fantasies, are more willing to

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