Will Tea Party candidate make any impact on Bill Young's race?

Speaking to CL Monday night,  Forcade said that the problem isn't just Young's penchant for crafting earmarks, but that "we have 535 Bill Youngs out there, with everyone trying to bring pork home.  It's not just him, it's everyone stealing from Peter to pay Paul, as long as Paul is one of his constituents."

Forcade said that he has is convinced that his message of fiscal responsibility is a popular theme in the 10th District.  But he isn't sure that tea party activists, who have been so vocal over the past year, will  get active behind the electoral process.  "We need to get people elected," he says, and "not just standing at a street corner, or in a room complaining, Can I take the at anger and frustration and channel it from holding a sign and just complaining about things and say this is the guy we believe in?", he asks.

Forcade believes that for every single citizen who came out to a Tea Party event in 2009, there "may be 10, or 100 others who are sitting home."  He believes if he can enough of the "core" of the movement, to spend personal time meeting them, he can make a substantial at the polls against Young on the August 24 primary.

Forcade is also a big "States rights" guy.  What does that mean, exactly?  Well, it means that he thinks issues like same-sex marriage and legalizing marijuana should be decided by the states, not the federal government.

Forcade will be in Atlanta later this week, where he'll be participating at the Tenth Amendment Center conference.  Fox News legal commentator Andrew Napolitano is the keynote speaker there.

We reported on Sunday that Pinellas County Congressman Bill Young has ended whatever suspense remained, and in fact he will run for re-election for his 20th term representing Florida's 10th Congressional District.

He's expected to have his toughest fight in a long time , with Democratic State Senator Charlie Justice already tossing out incendiary press releases bashing Young for his profligate spending ways over the years.

Young will also face GOP competition from Eric Forcade, who comes from the Tea Party movement.   Forcade says that he believes Young "represents the status quo," and says that the people are tired of it.

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