WMNF programming changes for 2011 include CL's political editor

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6-9am Morning Show - Glen Hatchell

9-10a, Democracy Now … Amy Goodman

10-11am Radioactivity …..Rob Lorei

11-12 am Sustainable Living w/ Jon Butts alternates with Alternative Health w/ Eve Prang Plews

12 -3pm Afternoon Eclectic Music ….Flee

3-4pm Rhythm Vault Internationale ……Jeff Stewart

4-6pm WMNF news . includes 5-6 talk show with Rob Lorei

6-8pm Monday Evening Blues …with Larry Lisk

8-10pm 360 Degrees of Blues …with Harrison Nash

10-12 Artful Dodgings….Arielle Stevenson

12-2am Radio Clash …Noi and Rig

2-4am Freedom of Choice …..Brigid Ochshorn

4-6am Wave Forms …Cameron Jones*


6-9am Morning Show ….Marcie Finkelstein

9-10 am Democracy Now …Amy Goodman

10-11am Radioactivity …Rob Lorei

11-12 Explorations ….Michio Kaku

12-3pm Afternoon Eclectic Music …..John Palmer

3-4pm Café Du Monde…..Leo Demski

4-6pm WMNF News (5pm Grit Radio followed by Sean Kinane call-in))

6-8pm Freak Show …..Ed Greene

8-10pm Dream Clinic…..Dennis Stone

10-12 In the Groove ..Thor and Wayne

12-1am Center Stage ….Ryan Oreskovich*

1-4am Hip Hop Flavors ….Lazy

4-6am PreDawn Alternatives: Energy Bar…..Scallywag


6-9am Morning Show….Randy Wynne

9-10am Democracy Now …Amy Goodman

10-11am Radioactivity …Rob Lorei

11-noon Talking Animals …Duncan Strauss

12-3pm Afternoon Eclectic Music …Scott Elliot

3-4pm Latino 54 ….Franco Silva

4-6pm WMNF News (5pm Grit Radio followed by rotating call-in hosts including, Lisa Marzilli, Bill Hamilton and others)

6-8pm Surface Noise …Laura Taylor

8-10pm Grand National Champioships ….Alastair and Jared

10-12 Step Outside…Rayzilla, Peter Tush and Manny

12-2am Body Rock …Michael Bagley

2-4am Made in the Dark …Dimitri and Alex

4-6am PreDawn Alternatives: Global Rhythms …Julia Jones


6-9am Morning Show…Janine Farver

9-10am Democracy Now …Amy Goodman

10-11am Radioactivity …Rob Lorei

11-12 Alternative Radio...presented by David Barsamian

12-3pm Afternoon Eclectic Music….Amy Snider

3-4pm The Women’s Show ….Mary Glenney

4-6pm WMNF News (5pm call-in with Mitch Perry)

6-8pm Music of the Isles….Bill Dudley and Sean Sexton

8-10pm Postmodern Hootenany….Ed Lehmann

10-11pm Nine Bullets Radio …Bryan Childs

11pm-1am UltraSounds …Eluv

1-4am Zentrips …..Tom Shook

4-6am PreDawn Alternatives: Outside the Box….Alvon Griffin


6-9am The Morning Show …..Cameron Dilley

9-10am Democracy Now ….Amy Goodman

10-11am Radioactivity …Rob Lorei

11-12 True Talk ….Samar Jarrah and Ahmed Bedier

12-2pm Afternoon Eclectic Music ….Nell Abram

2-3pm Live Music Showcase …Bill Dudley, Mark Perfetti, Steve Arduengo

3-4pm Art in Your Ear ….JoEllen Schilke

4-6pm WMNF News ( 5pm Counterspin, followed by rotating talk hosts including Lisa Marzilli, Bill Hamilton and others)

6pm-7pm Route 66 …Mike Vinyl

7pm-9pm Soul Party …Steve Hitman Williams and the D.O.C.

9-12 Blues with a Groove …..Soulman Bob Scheir

12-3 For Lovers Only ….Kwabena Dinizulu

3-6am Mellow Music Encounters …Marvin Flemings


6-9am Saturday Bluegrass …Sid Flannery, Cricket, Jim Strickland 6-8 and Tom Henderson 8-9)

9-10am Florida Folk Show …..Pete Gallagher and Jim Mason

10-12 Saturday Folk Show …Jeannie Holton

12-2 Sixties Show …Phil and Bill…Laurie Lu and Linda Lu first Saturdays

2-4pm The Bumpy Ride ….The Rebel and The Commuter

4-6pm Saturday Asylum …Scott Imrich

6-7 pm Latin Jazz and Salsa ….Speedy Gonzalez

7-9pm Saturday Soiree …Cheryl Mogul

9-11pm The House Party…..CenFlo (Darryl Ross)

11-12 Poetry Is…. Anedra Johnson

12-3am Saturday Night Shutdown with Martin, DJ Lowdown and Tony Montana

3-6am The House Show …..John Velez


6-8am Gospel Classic Hour …. Rev. Pat Hauser

8-9am Temple of Hip Hop ….Louise Bradley

9-10am Critical Times …Mabili

10-12 Sunday Forum ….Otis Anthony and Jack Steeley

12-2pm Sunday Simcha …Kevin Frye and Steve Schwersky

2-4 pm Polka Party Express…Wackie Jackie and Mrs. Wackie

4-6pm Caribbean Cruise ….Kzee, Angela B and Helen

6-9pm Sunday Jazz Clinic ….Robert Cunningham and Jimmy Lyons

9-11pm Two Worlds ….Alvon Griffin

11-1am Six String Assault ….Kamran Mir

1-4am Psycho Realms …Elder Sign

4-6 Grass Routes …Ed Ruark and Patty Metz?

Over the holidays Tampa's community radio station, WMNF 88.5 FM, announced some major programming changes beginning early in the new year — actually in just a few days.

(And let me say right at the top that I will be part of this new scheduling change.  More on that later in this post).

Troubled by declining revenue from the station's fundraising drives over the past three years, and concerned about NPR affiliate WUSF switching to an all news & information daytime schedule, WMNF's Program Director Randy Wynne unveiled a schedule a week and a half ago that reveals that the station's news and public affairs programs will no longer air during the 10 a.m. -2 p.m. slot as has been the case for years, but instead will air in the morning and afternoon drive-time slots.

Based on public comments on the station's website, many listeners are upset that the station will no longer air Fresh Air.  Since September, the station had continued to air it at 10 a.m., as it has for years, a day after the program came down off the satellite. The delay had never been a significant factor, but became one when WUSF began airing the program for the first time a day before, at noon and 7 p.m.

The changes at 'MNF mean that after the station's morning music programming ends at 9 a.m., two of the station's most popular programs will move up three hours on the daily schedule. Amy Goodman's Democracy Now!, will now air at 9 a.m, followed by another listener favorite, Rob Lorei's Radioactivity talk-show call in program, now at 10 a.m.

A variety of public affairs programs will continue to air at 11 a.m. (including Duncan Strauss' Talking Animals, which is getting extended to an hour every Wednesday).  Music then runs from 12 noon to 3 p.m..  At 3 p.m., five different program will air each day of the week, including music/talk hybrids like Franco Silva's Latino 54 and The Women's Show (which moves from its two-hour slot on Saturday mornings to one hour a week on Thursdays).

The WMNF Evening News will now air in the afternoon, and in a somewhat different format than the one that has aired for nearly eight  years. The program moves from 6 p.m. to 4 p.m. and will air for only half an hour, with Free Speech Radio News then running in its entirety at 4:30.

At 5 p.m. the station will hold another hour of talk radio, with a rotating list of hosts, including myself. I served as a news reporter and anchor at the station from 2000-2009, and will be returning to the airwaves once a week to host a program on local/state/national politics on Thursday afternoons. This won't change my role at CL. I'll continue as News & Politics Editor here, and I hope occasionally to use my hour on WMNF to do on-air interviews and commentary that will augment stories I'm covering for CL.

Music then begins at 6 p.m. and runs for 15 hours straight until Democracy Now! begins the next weekday morning at 9 a.m.

Obviously making such changes can be a traumatic event for some listeners, particularly for fans of the station's afternoon Sonic Detour programs, which will no longer exist (as evidenced by some of the comments on the station's website).

Listed below is the new schedule, as written on the website:

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