Women and masturbation: one man's ignorance! (Poll)

 Somehow the topic of a viral spring break video that I had seen came up where a smoking hot brunette was cramming a cucumber into her vagina on stage.  Evidently, drunken spring break girls will do ANYTHING to win mediocre cash prizes or concert tickets.  Bluntly, I asked her if she had ever masturbated with a cucumber.  The embarrassed look made it evident that she hadn't.  So jokingly, I asked about carrots, wine bottles, and other random objects....all were met with the same fate.

This got me thinking.  I asked a follow-up question:  "How often DO you masturbate?"  "Not very often."  I was puzzled.  Even when I'm getting sex regularly from my wife, I still find the need to browse my favorite internet porn sites in search of celebrity nipple slips and hotties in stockings taking a pounding so that I can fulfill my manly desires.  I guess I just assumed that girls would do the same thing from time to time.  Boy was I wrong.

The final question I asked was ‘Have you EVER given yourself an orgasm?".  My jaw dropped when that was answered ‘No' also.  The discussion became more serious and eventually we came to the conclusion that she didn't even know where to begin...even though she has HAD orgasms with a partner plenty of times.  I suggested she practice...and maybe even film it for my blog.  She only agreed with half of my suggestion though.

I guess as a guy, we all learn that jerking off is great.  This happens in our early teens and ends some point after we die....it's part of being a man.  I guess women just have a lot more self control, but it sure was interesting to learn that a friend that I've often fantasized about seeing get herself off hadn't gotten any further than that herself.  Maybe next time I talk with her, she'll be smiling a little bit more (but now my wife will be the embarrassed one when said friend is over for dinner!)


As a little anonymous test, I've inserted a poll for the ladies to vote on.  Please guys, let's leave this one for them.undefined

[polldaddy poll="1602789"]

I don't know why, but I always assumed that women masturbated as frequently as men.  Call me ignorant, but I even recall thinking that it would be easier for a girl to double click her mouse at almost any time of the day without anyone really noticing....I mean, the clitoris seems to be sensitive enough to be stimulated by an ill positioned thong.  It wasn't until a friend of mine learned I was doing this blog that conversation shifted to taboo topics that I didn't expect to dive into.  Let's just say I learned a few things that I plan to share today.

The conversation all started with me being a wise-ass....as always.

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