Wow Green: An eco-friendly, non-toxic alternative to household cleaners

You can order their products from local distributors or get them shipped to you. In your order you will receive an empty bottle and a packet of whatever cleaning solution you purchased. Genius! You don't have to pay for shipping for water. All you do is add the packet and pour in your own water. Next time you re-order, you just get the packet.  This is a great way to cut down on packaging and gets you to reuse the same bottle.

Their products smell great and now I don't have to worry about the dangers of spraying my bathroom down with a toxic cleaning product.

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For years now I have been trying to reduce the amount of household cleaning products that are used in my home. We all know that they are harmful to our health and bad for the environment, but that shower still needs to be cleaned, right? I had switched to using baking soda to do most of my bathroom cleaning, and it works. You just have to add lots of elbow grease and make sure everything gets rinsed away. It can also be a little hard on some surfaces, which over time will show ware.

Recently though, I found out about Wow Green cleaning products. I know there are other similar products out there and I have tried my fair share of them, but Wow Green is a little different in that it is a proprietary enzyme formula. That pretty much means that you're spraying these little non-toxic enzymes on surfaces and they are getting in there and eating up all of that dirt and grime.

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