WTF?! The hotties who (inexplicably) date Marilyn Manson

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Dita Von Teese


Burlesque superstar, queen of vintage and my personal wet dream, Dita Von Teese met Manson through her website, of which he was a member.

He requested a meeting and asked her to star in one of his music videos. She declined, but they began dating and were engaged not long after.

Manson wed the goddess in late 2005. Their union made the madly talented Dita a household name and cemented her status as the symbol of new burlesque. Sadly, the couple divorced after only a year, because the bonehead was having an affair with...

Evan Rachel Wood


The actress who made a name for herself in the movie Thirteen became Manson's very own Lolita, when they met filming Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll. She was 19-years-old; he was nearly 40.

When asked what attracted her to him, she answered simply, "Eyeliner."

After a tabloid-crazed couple years, Wood abruptly left him. Manson whined, plotted her death and felt sorry for himself, until this year, when he took up with...

Stoya Doll (porn name)


The stunning "adult actress" was rumored to be dating Manson a couple months ago and it's just recently been confirmed.

Dammit, Manson! Now you're fishing with a girl to whom I masturbate!

Well, as I said, the fucker does have excellent taste. Not many porn stars are legitimately pretty with natural bodies, but Stoya has it all with charisma to spare. After Sasha Grey was overexposed, Stoya became the new "it" girl of the adult industry. Now, with the "Manson bump," she'll be unstoppable.

As proof, the "gothic girl next door" has a new video all to herself in A Taste of Stoya, a highly-anticipated Digital Playground production.

Gee, it seems that any chick who went through a goth faze in middle school or watched The Addam's Family one too many times is irresistibly drawn to the shock rocker. If only I were so lucky! In the mean time, Manson, how's about a threeway?

Love or hate Marilyn Manson, you have to respect his impeccable taste in women. Sure, fortune and fame can get you anything (or anyone), but I'm still baffled by the homely Manson's ability to pick up some of the most stunning up n' coming starlets of the day. Here are a few of his conquests:

Rose McGowan

Actress Rose McGowan is best known for her roles in movies, such as Jawbreaker and Grindhouse, and the television show, Charmed.

She and Manson dated for 3.5 years in the late 90's and early 00's, during which time McGowan made headlines appearing at an awards ceremony wearing only a loose net over the front of her body and a cascade of strings across her backside (and oh, what a backside!).

After a two-year engagement, McGowan ended the relationship and Manson moved on to...

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