You can recycle that?!: Overlooked items you should be recycling

Did you know that the foam contained within surfboards is usually made from toxic materials that release chemicals into the air and soil if not properly disposed of? Well, if you have an old surfboard you need to get rid of, fear not: ReSurf Recycling will take it and (with the help of Green Foam Banks) dispose of it properly, turning it into materials for concrete and asphalt volumizers.

Check out this list of "15 Totally Recyclable Materials That Most Of Us Keep Forgetting About" from Greenwala and find out what you can and should be recycling.

Want to find out how and where to recycle a particular item? Check out Earth 911 for recycling info, ideas on upcycling trash into treasures, and great eco-minded articles.

Aerosol cans, wire hangers, hotel soap, even asphalt shingles are just some of the things that can be recycled but are oftentimes overlooked.

Do you have half-used paint cans cluttering your garage? First of all, don't even think about dumping them down the drain. (Um hello? That'd be releasing toxic chemicals into the water supply.) Why not give it to a school for their art department or even Habitat for Humanity? You could also find a facility that will recycle it.

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