Here's what happened to that Dunedin peacock shot by a bow and arrow

When a Greenbriar resident noticed the peacock on his roof, it didn't strike him as odd. After all, Greenbriar has quite the…

Dunedin peacock shot with bow and arrow
14 slides

The Tampa Bay Tampa Bay Lightning's good luck charm? The Palm Harbor Lightning Pups

Belle, a pregnant hound dog, came to live with Suncoast Animal League at the end of March. And when she gave birth…

"This is how hockey works, right?"
22 slides

Tampa Bay Lightning lose again

The Tampa Bay Lightning lost Game 2 against the Washington Capitals Sunday night, 6-2, putting them at 0-2 with Washington. Here are…

Lightning lose Game 2 to Washington Capitals
11 slides

Tampa Bay Lightning lose to Washington Capitals, 4-1

It's one loss. Well, OK, two, total, but who's counting when Tampa Bay loves the Lightning that much. Plus, they'll play Washington…

Lightning lose to Capitals 4-2
10 slides

Tampa International Fringe Festival review Call it in the Air

When Gabriel Flores reached out to let me know he was staging a new musical at Tampa Fringe, I was intrigued. Fringe…

Call it in the Air
19 slides

Tampa International Fringe Festival review: Schwasted Shakespeare

[image-2]Tarpon Springs' Off Kilter Theatre takes on Hamlet in Schwasted Shakespeare. The basic idea is to take a Shakespearean tragedy — Hamlet…

Schwasted Shakespeare
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Lightning Game Five

There's blue everywhere in Tampa Bay, and with good reason: The Tampa Bay Lightning keep winning. They beat the Boston Bruins for…

That's... that's gonna leave a mark.
9 slides

Tampa International Fringe Festival review: 2 Ruby Knockers, 1 Jaded Dick

When you name your show 2 Ruby Knockers, 1 Jaded Dick, the possibilities for dick jokes are endless. Seriously. Endless. I tried…

Private Dick
5 slides

Lightning win Game Two

The Lightning beat the Bruins last night, 4-2, tying the series 1-1. They'll face them again tomorrow night, but until then, take…

Tampa Bay Lightning win Game 2
7 slides

Lightning lose to Boston, 6-2

The Lightning may have lost Saturday, but they'll be back on the ice again tonight in Tampa, battling Boston again. And they're…

Lightning playoffs 2018
36 slides

Tampa Bay Lightning win Game 5 and head to the next round

We're moving through the ranks and getting ready to win the Stanley Cup. Here are some shots from Game 5. After defeating…

Tampa Bay Lightning win Game 5 and head to the next round
18 slides

Tampa Bay Lightning win round one of NHL playoffs

Our Tampa Bay Lightning headed into the first round of the NHL playoffs as the top seed in the league's Eastern Conference,…

Tampa Bay Lightning win round one of NHL playoffs
21 slides

Kids Tag Art Pinellas County

[image-3]Want to support arts education? Of course you do. You’re sophisticated like that. After all, you’re a Creative Loafing reader. You probably…

Bardmoor Elementary art teacher, Kristine Van Ingen, with student at the Kids Tag Art Pinellas Award Ceremony.
8 slides

Photographer's Notebook on location Ybor

“The most fascinating places to photograph don’t have signposts leading to them. They are the places that everyone overlooks or deems unimportant…

The Design Styles Architecture building was a neighborhood grocery store, called Spoto Paolo & Co., in the 1930's.
25 slides

Stock Island: Will the real Key West please stand up?

A recent — somewhat reluctant — trip to Stock Island shows the way Key West used to be. Here's a peek at…

A blip of luxe on Stock Island — soon there will be others, but for right now, this 100-room hotel is a welcome respite at day's end.
18 slides

Baby giraffe Patty born at Busch Gardens Tampa the night before St. Patrick's Day

The world is exploding and rhinos are going extinct, but there's one more giraffe in the world today. Watch the video and…

Is Patty... is she judging us?
6 slides

PCCA Gibbs High Fresh Squeezed 2 artist Gulfport resident Christopher Velez wins Gold Key award for art

At Fresh Squeezed 2, the Morean Art Center's annual emerging Florida artist show, you'll see work from local artists and artists from…

"Poor Monkey"
8 slides

Six months later: A look at the Florida Keys, post-Irma, in photos (part 10 of a series)

Wondering what the Florida Keys looks like on the six-month anniversary of Irma making landfall (although, TBH, "anniversary" sounds too cheery)?  Here's…

If you take away one thing from this series, let it be this: For every building that suffered, there are about 5,867 phenomenal views.
39 slides

Six months later: Ground Zero in the Florida Keys (part nine in series)

Cudjoe Key has seen better days. So have most of the keys surrounding it. This is the hardest piece I've written, because…

Found on the roadside with gaping holes ripped in it: A trailer. Not a rental. Not a hotel room. Someone's home. Someone's dreams.
18 slides

Gasparilla Festival of the Arts emerging artists CL staff picks

[image-6]This past week the CL offices have been abuzz with talk of GFA, GMF, GASP! — it's alphabet city around here. And…

"It's a wash"
6 slides

Photographer's Notebook: One woman. One iPhone. One month.

Photojournalism, like any other profession, has its own set of ethics. Photographs taken for an article should reflect reality as much as…

El Pasaje (app: ProCamera VividHDR).
31 slides

First Look: Treasure Seekers at the Tampa Bay History Center

[image-2]Have you heard about the Tampa Bay History Center’s new wing? Well, we’ve got the skinny. We sent CL photographer, Jen Ring,…

The Bermuda Sleuth from another angle.
15 slides

Fresh Squeezed 2: The Morean announces its roster

[image-1]Last year, Fresh Squeezed made a splash at the Morean Arts Center with a show filled with work from emerging Florida artists.…

Glenyse Thompson
6 slides

Preserving the Burg: 40 years, in photos

Founded in 1977, long before most of us thought to care about whether or not St. Pete needed its character preserved (I…

1977 — where it all began: All that's left of the 1913 American Bank & Trust building ( 300 block of Central Ave., at the corner of 4th St.) is this postcard and a few architectural remains; the bank was demolished in 1977; in its place today is the BB&T building, often called the "glass box."
The City of St. Petersburg has part of the facade facade and, in 1995, two of the columns found a new home in Williams Park as part of the Veterans Memorial. This loss was the catalyst for St. Petersburg Preservation.
13 slides

Tampa Bay school students exhibit surrealist art at St. Pete's The Dali Museum

[image-1] One of this spring's greatest discoveries at The Dalí Museum comes not from its main exhibit, Dalí/Duchamp, but from the Student…

"Outer Shell" from Dixie Hollins High School sophomore Riley Pitzen. Taught by Kristen Pineda. Digital art.
10 slides

21st Century Voices New Play Festival American Stage

21st Century Voices: New Play Festival Jan. 11, 8 p.m.: Leni & Joseph; Jan. 12, 8 p.m.: If Now Were Hence; Jan.…

Alex Rubin
6 slides

10 things you'll find at Brocante's vintage market in January

Every month, I promise myself I won't miss Brocante the next time. And every month, at the end of the first full…

Bro-Open-up-and-say-aaaaahhhhhhh-nte. The q, incidentally, is silent.
21 slides

Dean Mckee's prison art on display

[image-6] You have to be a prisoner, a prison guard or a prison visitor to see Dean McKee's art. Convicted of first…

Dean Mckee's prison art on display
11 slides

How to photograph holiday lights with a DSLR or your iPhone in Tampa Bay

It's that special time of year when we all whip out our cell phones and start taking horrible photographs of holiday lights.…

Multicolored lights surround the Florida Botanical Garden's snack shack. Taken with a Sony Alpha a6000, ISO 3200, 1/10th sec. at f/6.3.
13 slides

The Vault

[image-5] New on Oct. 22: Before you read this, here's the backstory on how the Vault of Souls came to be.  For…

Certain aspects of The Vault have an artfully creepy circus vibe.
11 slides