Look at 13 photos of 7 Tampa Bay beaches where you can escape the crowds

As summer nears its end, our beaches are fuller than ever, often with shoulder-to-shoulder beach blankets. Not exactly the relaxing beach day…

By CL Staff

Fort DeSoto's Middle Beach
    You'll have to head south or north of the trees, then hike the beach towards them — there's no other way to get there. But when you do... man, that view. Pro tip: bring mosquito repellent — not for the beach, but the hike in and out.
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Cool off at one of these 10 luxurious Tampa Bay hotel pools without staying the night

Yeah, the beaches are a bit... iffy just now. And you're not interested in shelling out for a whole weekend staycation just…

By CL Staff

Tradewinds Resort
    5500 Gulf Blvd., St. Pete Beach
    The Tradewinds Resort's day pass is $45 well-spent — not only does it include the pool (pools, actually!), it includes the water fun — slides, bouncy-thing–in-the-water, mini-golf, paddle boats and that beach cabana the 18-year-old hot pool boy totally keeps telling you you can't use.
    Photo via Tradewinds Island Grand
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Cool off in these 7 Florida springs less than a day away from Tampa Bay

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably more than ready to explore the concept of “pantsdrunk” right about now. What is it,…

7. Get enchanted by Three Sisters. We saved the best for last. It’s pure heaven, in water form.
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Local historian breathes new life into the Dunedin History Museum

[image-10]If local historian Vincent Luisi could go back to any time in Dunedin’s history, he’d go back to the beginning. It was…

The hog holds a place of honor in the center of this gallery, surrounded by displays devoted to Dunedin’s first residents.
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7 ways to stay fit while vacationing in St. Pete

[image-1] At times, I hated growing up in St. Petersburg. Teenage angst and raging hormones did not mix well with Florida’s scorching…

kayak beach sunset
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10 things to see at Downtown Clearwater's summer art walk

We all know about St. Petersburg’s Second Saturday ArtWalk, Dunedin’s Second Friday Night on the Town (formerly Art & Wine Walk), Gulfport’s…

Cleveland Street
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CL's Best of the Bay-winning artists, art and art projects from the past six years

Guess what time it is? That's right, it's our annual awards issue time. OK, well, not quite — before we can make…

2015: BEST MESSAGE TO GREEDY POLITICIANS: Michelle Sawyer & Anthony Krol's Tampa Heights Mural Project
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7 Pinellas County libraries that want you to come see their art

It's not like in the 1950s, Gene Coppola, director of the Palm Harbor Library, tells me. Libraries are much more than just…

Tarpon Springs Public Library: The Tarpon Springs Public Library has some of the most beautiful art I've seen at any of our local libraries, and it's there all the time. The library is full of beautiful glass etchings courtesy of Julian and Karin Mesa of La Mancha Glass Gardens. The painting shown here, "Changing Tides", is a 6 x10 ft. oil painting donated by Florida Hall of Fame artist Christopher Still that hangs behind the checkout counter. In addition to this, the library hosts rotating art about once a month, courtesy of the Tarpon Springs Art Association, in their Friends Room, located off the library lobby.
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10 hotel pools in Tampa Bay you can enjoy without being an overnight guest

What’s a gal supposed to do if they want to get wet but don’t want to risk their relationship, bank account and…

FAIR TRADE: The Tradewinds Resort's day pass is $45 well-spent — not only does it include the pool (pools, actually!), it includes the water fun — slides, bouncy-thing–in-the-water, mini-golf, paddle boats and that beach cabana the 18-year-old hot pool boy totally keeps telling you you can't use. 5500 Gulf Blvd., St. Pete Beach. 727-367-6461.
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Seeing Now brings a mixed bag of excellence to HCC Ybor's art gallery in Tampa

[image-1]Creatives Exchange’s latest show at HCC Ybor’s art gallery doesn’t really have a theme. What it does have is a lot of…

BALANCING ACT: Jenny Carey’s “Balance” is part of the exhibit; so is a man virtually sexually assaulting people.
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5 adoptable cats in Palm Harbor who are purrfectly fine about going home with you

"Having a bunch of cats around is good. If you're feeling bad, you just look at the cats, you'll feel better because…

QUEEN KITTY: We know this is a rare quality in a cat (cough, cough), but Princess comes by her name honestly — she enjoys it when the staff at Suncoast Animal League wait on her. We know, we know, weird, right? She's a 3-year-old diva and — we think this may be a euphemism — executive director Rick Chaboudy reports she has "a feisty personality." She also has a silly side, and, if you look close at her entitled, goofy face, you'll see she also has a heart on her nose.
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7 ways to stay healthy when you take a vacation

Maintaining healthy habits while traveling can be a challenge, whether you’re a veteran athlete or a newbie trying to establish a healthier…

6. Pre-plan your fitness and embrace your surroundings.

Going to a beach town? Work on those swims (my family does a buoy swim challenge), or get a group together to play beach volleyball. Traveling to New York or San Francisco? Try out a Soul Cycle class. We don’t have those here and word on the streets is, the fees are worth it. When in Rome…

If you’re reading this and happen to be visiting the Tampa Bay area yourself, check out some of my favorite local sweat spots: Burg CrossFit, Central Cycling and St. Pete Yoga are my top three picks and they all welcome drop-ins.
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Ya La'ford works with Fairmount Park Elementary students on new mural in St. Petersburg

When I arrive at Fairmount Park Elementary Tuesday morning, Ya La’Ford’s hands are already covered in paint. She’s surrounded by a cluster…

Ya La'ford with Fairmount Park Elementary student.
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Adopt one of these three adorable pups from Suncoast Animal League at the Clearwater Petsmart

Here's this week's crop of "need some lovin' and also a new home" pups. These — and other dogs — will be…

Disclaimer: Philly will actually be with his foster human tomorrow, but you can arrange a meet-and-greet, no prob. At nine years and 80 pounds, this gentle pooch might need to lose a few pounds, but hey, haven't we all been there? He's a golden retriever mix who, in typical golden style, is happy and kind. He's yet to meet a soul he didn't love, but he hasn't met any kids or cats yet, if you have either (or both), the meet and greet is kinda necessary.
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Six ways I + Thou explores identity and relationships at the Dunedin Fine Art Center

I + Thou may seem like an unnecessarily old-fashioned title for an art exhibit, and I suppose it is, but there’s good reason for…

'I + Thou' gallery.
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10 Florida hotels where you can spend this Fourth of July in style

Maybe you're tired of watching the fireworks from Clearwater Beach, or maybe your idea of a party isn't the slog home from…

Lido Beach Resort

There's a tiki bar. There's an adults-only pool. There's the beach right there. Eat on the sand — on a sand-sculpture table. There's a sunset, of course, because Florida, and also, we're pretty sure you can see the fireworks from  the hotel. ilidobeachresort.com.
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Dunedin's Fenway Hotel is about to become a hotel once more

I've been driving past the old Fenway Hotel building on Edgewater Drive for years. It's been there all my life, but until…

View from the roof of the Fenway Hotel
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Photographer's Notebook: From food to photograph

Great food photography requires more than just pointing your camera at a plate of food and firing away. Before you even touch…

Duck confit toast with mango butter, green papaya salad, and basil by SaltBlock Hospitality's Chef Daniel Miller. When I asked Chef Miller what the secret was to great food presentation, he said, "color, color, color." His colleague, Chelsea Hunter chimed in, "and microgreens." Both color and microgreens were used to dress up these duck confit toasts, which would have been a drab brown and yellow without the addition of green papaya strips (orange in the photo) and microgreens. The large attractive wood cutting board they were served on doesn't hurt the presentation, either.
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Check out these images from Benny Andrews at the MFA in St. Petersburg

As if you needed another reason to check out the work at the Museum of Fine Art in St. Petersburg... but in…

'Basket Life,' 1981, Oil and collage on canvas.
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7 things to look for when Clyde Butcher's Visions of Dali's Spain opens at The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg

No one shoots like Clyde Butcher. His larger-than-lifescapes of Florida have enchanted millions at his three galleries (and countless other places); his…

Clyde Butcher brings Salvador's Dalí's Spain to St. Petersburg
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St. Petersburg Regional Skatepark opens in Campbell Park

Yesterday, Mayor Rick Kriseman, City Councilmember Gina Driscoll, former councilperson Karl Nurse, St. Pete Skatepark Alliance Jay Turner and other local luminaries…

St. Petersburg Regional Skatepark opens in Campbell Park
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Odessa photographer wins Best in Show at Tampa's Florida Museum of Photographic Arts

"That breaks my heart." On Kevin Barney's Instagram, that's the first comment on what would be the Best in Show image for…

"Caged" won first place in the Nature, Science, and Animals category — and Best In Show.
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We're also as depressed as the Tampa Bay Lightning

This picture of Tampa Bay Lightning defense man Mikhail Sergachev pretty much sums it up, doesn't it Tampa Bay? For the last…

The Tampa Bay Lightning faces off against the Washington Capitals at Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida on May 23, 2018.
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Photographer's Notebook: 10 Awesome photography prompts for your next vacation

Photography prompts are a great way to add a little excitement to your vacation and come home with some great pictures. Click…

According to the American Psychological Association, taking pictures during an experience — like a summer vacation — helps you enjoy it more. So make the most of your next trip with these 10 photography prompts.
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tampa bay lightning win game 5 against the capitals

The Bolts beat the Caps for the third game straight, reigniting not only the team's energy but that of fans across the…

tampa bay lightning win game 5 against the capitals
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This summer, experience these seven Florida adventures before it's too late.

Florida is disappearing. Well, not all of Florida, but plenty of it — especially along the coastline. Sea level rise is a thing, and…

5. Visit Miami Beach and the Florida Keys

Sea level is rising at a rate of about one inch per year in Miami, and Miami Beach is already having problems with flooding, according to a December 2015 article in The New Yorker. Due to climate change, sea levels could rise by a total of three feet by the end of this century. This is a huge problem for Miami and the Keys, many of whose buildings reside at just three feet above sea level at the moment. Go visit these places before they’re underwater, and look out for those high tides. Climate change is also affecting the health of the coral reefs, according to June 2017 article in The Washington Post, so be sure to schedule yourself a snorkeling or scuba diving trip while you’re in the Keys.
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Here's what happened to that Dunedin peacock shot by a bow and arrow

When a Greenbriar resident noticed the peacock on his roof, it didn't strike him as odd. After all, Greenbriar has quite the…

Dunedin peacock shot with bow and arrow
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The Tampa Bay Tampa Bay Lightning's good luck charm? The Palm Harbor Lightning Pups

Belle, a pregnant hound dog, came to live with Suncoast Animal League at the end of March. And when she gave birth…

"This is how hockey works, right?"
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Tampa Bay Lightning lose again

The Tampa Bay Lightning lost Game 2 against the Washington Capitals Sunday night, 6-2, putting them at 0-2 with Washington. Here are…

Lightning lose Game 2 to Washington Capitals
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Tampa Bay Lightning lose to Washington Capitals, 4-1

It's one loss. Well, OK, two, total, but who's counting when Tampa Bay loves the Lightning that much. Plus, they'll play Washington…

Lightning lose to Capitals 4-2
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