20 Tampa Bay tourist attractions that are actually worth the struggle

Like most of Florida, there’s a lot of touristy crap in Tampa Bay. And frankly, some of it can be, well... not…

By CL Staff

Grab a cold beer on the Tampa Riverwalk
    Tampa’s latest downtown attraction is, well, pretty much the coolest part of downtown. From the Channelside District up along the east side of the Hillsborough River to Tampa Heights and the very hip restaurants and event spaces of the old Armitage Works building, this pedestrian thoroughfare ties together everything from public art and retail to parks, culture and dining. Park the car and get culture all around downtown (The Straz! The Tampa Museum of Art! The library!) on foot, rental bike or water taxi, popping in here or there to cool off. It’s a day well spent.
    Downtown Tampa along the eastern shore of the Hillsborough River.
    Photo via Visit Tampa Bay
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Look at 13 photos of 7 Tampa Bay beaches where you can escape the crowds

As summer nears its end, our beaches are fuller than ever, often with shoulder-to-shoulder beach blankets. Not exactly the relaxing beach day…

By CL Staff

Fort DeSoto's Middle Beach
    You'll have to head south or north of the trees, then hike the beach towards them — there's no other way to get there. But when you do... man, that view. Pro tip: bring mosquito repellent — not for the beach, but the hike in and out.
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