Weekly Tune-Up: Kings of Leon, Zack de la Rocha, M.I.A. lead today's new music mixtape, stream it now

Lots of heat on this XXX version of Timothy Boyson's new music roundup

Y'all feeling good out there? I know it's Monday, and you're already looking ahead to this Friday, but we can get through this together. In the meantime, let me keep your mind preoccupied  with a few of the highlights from your Weekly Tune-Up.

The southern rockers from Tennessee have returned! Kings of Leon have been teasing their seventh studio album via Twitter for the last few weeks, and now we finally have the proof with "Waste A Moment," their lead single from new album WALLS. "Waste A Moment" is an anthem driven tune as Caleb croons over the catchy chorus,“Take the time to waste a moment, oh never ask to be forgiven." Throw in some punchy drums, some tight guitar work, and you have that formula that made the Tennessee rockers so famous to begin with. The band has been amid some break-up controversy over the last few years, but maybe this new album will lay those to rest.

Rage Against The Machine may not producing new music, but the much loved front-man Zack de la Rocha is. He just released his socially charged first single, "digging for windows." Packed with de la Rocha's signature vocal style and a pounding beat that will definitely get you amped up. "digging for windows" is the first material that he's released in a decade, and it comes to most of us with open arms. I often read about a possible new Rage album, but that just never happened. De La Rocha might make us forget all about that. Look for his new album sometime in 2017.

Frank Ocean's Blonde is finally available to the masses. If you haven't taken the time to give it a little of your attention, you're truly missing out. There are so many great tracks to feature on the WTU, but I chose "Nights" this week. Why? That's simple; because I keep going back to it. I feel like it's a great representation for the future of R+B music, or that's my hope. Just listen to the damn album already.

The velvety smooth harmony vocals from Local Natives have returned with their much anticipated album, Sunlit Youth. I'll state this as simple as possible; Sunlit Youth is a polished indie-rock album. Is that bad? Of course not, but it might be off putting to some of the early adopters. The album is smooth, well produced, easy to listen to, and features some excellent song writing. "Psycho Lovers" is a prime example of that smoothness, and I'm perfectly fine with it.

WEEKLY TUNE-UP XXX01. Kings of Leon, "Waste A Moment"02. Local Natives, "Psycho Lovers"03. Zach De La Rocha, "digging for windows"04. M.I.A. "Foreign Friend" Feat. Dexta Daps05. inc. no world, "The Wheel"06. Drugdealer, "Easy to Forget" Feat. Ariel Pink07. Francis and the Lights, "See Her Out"08. Merchandise, "Lonesome Sound"09. Frank Ocean, "Nights"10. Over Sands, "Woke Up Haunted"11. Mild High Club, "Skiptracing"12. Bronze Whale, "Hear Me"13. Crush Club, "Get Me Off"14. Kool Keith, "Life" Feat. Sadat X15. American Wrestlers, "Give Up"