Sh*t Happened 7/13/17: Fugitive obvs never watched COPS, Cookie Monster's stash not cookies but blow

Dispatches from a world without innocence.

Let's go ahead and celebrate the passage of another long and arduous work week, because we all know the deal with Thursdays during the summer. You don't even cough to try to cover the sound of the beer can opening in the break room at 4 o'clock on Thursdays during the summer.

Pasco County Commissioners voted to get rid of the $2 parking fee for nine parks put into place nearly a decade ago, saying it was discouraging use and inordinately affecting lower-income citizens. Plus, the county could make a shit-ton more money putting up $5 phone and tablet charging stations targeting spoiled kids who didn't want to be dragged outside in the first place.

That animal-rights "group" whose protest upset parents who were "dining" with children at Chik-Fil-A earlier this week also accosted a St. Pete family while they were fishing from the shore. It's important to know where the line is, and the line is definitely somewhere between making a visible, provocative statement against a major corporation and just walking up and harassing some folks. Nobody cares about your cause when you're a douche except people whose enjoyment of douchery rivals their belief in your cause.

A wanted man who's obviously never watched COPS was apprehended by Winter Haven police after falling through the ceiling in the apartment where he was hiding. Seriously, that's like the Number 4 place you're not supposed to hide when running from the cops because it's failed so many times on COPS. You might as well just lie down under a flipped-over kiddie pool.

And finally, a Key West man was arrested when a traffic stop resulted in the discovery of more than 300 grams of cocaine — hidden inside a Cookie Monster doll. To be fair, it's a pretty genius hiding spot, what with everybody assuming Cookie Monster's drug of choice to be something a little more, er, munchies-inducing.