Adventures in Weekending: First Friday, Second Saturday+ loquats

Who's on first?

Remember that old Abbot and Costello routine, Who’s on First? Cracks me up every damn time I hear it. There’s something about it that, well, reminds me of government, but that’s not really why we’re here, is it? No, we’re here to have fun, and that’s really where the whole “Who’s on First?” A couple of times a year, we get this glorious cornucopia of days where the first Friday of the month smushes right up agains the second Saturday. It’s like time travel —don’t think too hard about it or it makes your brain hurt — but it’s also pretty awesome, because it’s a two-for weekend.

Friday night, take your pick of First Friday events — Seminole Heights (with new artists at almost every venue and a market at BrewBus), Gulfport (check out the new-ish August Vernon mural and get some grub at Manatees) or St. Pete (where you can almost forget the whole First Friday thing and head to opening night of VooDoo MacBeth — read our feature about the show here).

Elsewhere in St. Pete you can celebrate the galleries on Second Saturday, but don’t leave Tampa out of the mix, because Chillounge returns to Curtis Hixon Park). During the day, the weather tempts us all outside, so brave St. Pete’s downtown market or go low-key (well, except for the roosters and the Festa Italiana celebration) and head to Ybor’s Saturday market. After First Friday, don't miss Second Saturday in St. Pete. Up in NPR, don’t miss the festival celebrating the fruit everyone forgets, the Loquat. Yup, it’s the Loquat Festival. Brandon-ways head to the Noise Box for the Coffee and Art Festival; in Clearwater, hit up the Clearwater Record Show.

That’s only Friday and Saturday, so if you’re as beat as I am by this point, chill out with brunch. This week I’m sending you to Brew Bus, because they have good food and also they’re always terrific to me, even when I’m hungry-bitchy, which is often.

Now, go to First Friday and Second Saturday and I Don't Know what else...